Top Of Mind with Stewart Hillhouse
A Step-By-Step Content Strategy (And How To Execute It) with Melanie Deziel
June 23, 2021
Tactics without a strategy lead to wasted efforts. But a strategy without doing the work won't get you anywhere. It's important to strike a balance between strategy and execution. Melanie Deziel joins Stewart Hillhouse to share a step-by-step content strategy and how to execute it successfully. On this episode of Top Of Mind, Melanie and Stewart discuss: • How to design a strategy that gets you to your ideal goals (fast) • 4 key questions every content marketer should ask themselves • How to come up with unlimited content ideas • And so much more Melanie Deziel is the author of The Content Fuel Framework and the Director of Content at Foundation Marketing Twitter: Website: LinkedIn: Connect with Stewart on Twitter: For more marketing insights, join Top Of Mind Weekly: