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Whatever It Takes (Debbie Allen)
April 29, 2022
Ever wonder what it really takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Market positioning expert Debbie Allen believes that desire and determination trump age and education any day. Believing in yourself is the biggest step, then just do whatever it takes.
Welcome to Making It! This weekly show explores the lives and stories of entrepreneurs as they share their unique perspectives on their success and the path to making it.  

    Debbie Allen has been a professional speaker and business mentor for 25 years, despite the fact that she barely passed high school and skipped college altogether. That didn’t deter her, though.

    In this episode of “Making It”, Debbie talks about her fierce independence and refusal to walk a traditional path. Passion creates momentum, and that momentum leads right to success. When you have a passion or a gift to teach and share, you just have to do whatever it takes to get it out there, and make a difference. 

“You're supposed to pay attention to what your gifts are, and make sure that you're using those gifts to the best of your ability, because you're put on this planet to make a difference.”

“It doesn't matter your age, where you live, and it doesn't matter, the economy; it matters what you think about yourself, and how much you want it.”

– Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen is referred to as The Expert of Experts. She is an internationally recognized business growth and market positioning expert. She  has been a professional speaker and business mentor for 25  years and presented before thousands of people in 28 countries. 

     Debbie is a bestselling author of 9 books, including The Highly Paid Expert and hosts the “Access to Experts Podcast”. She is also a VIP Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine and an  award-winning entrepreneur who has built and sold numerous million-dollar companies in diverse industries. 

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