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180. TRANSCONTINENTAL Across Europe Unsupported Cycling Race: 2022 Cycling Event Series
January 24, 2022
IN this episode, you will learn about: The one and only TRANSCONTINENTAL Unsupported Cycling Race Across Europe. Anna Haslock gives an amazing overview of the event and what to expect this year. Still lots of time to register.

Anna Haslock is the Director of Lost Dot and the Race Director of The Transcontinental Race and The Trans Pyrenees races @thetranscontinental @transpyrenees

The Transcontinental Race is a self-supported bicycle race across Europe. 
 From the cobbles of Flanders, to the shores of the Black Sea; via rock-hewn tunnels, bald mountain tops, navigating pristine asphalt and rock-strewn tracks, 
the Transcontinental will once again cross the European continent in its own unique style:  
Rider against rider, living by their wits alone, without caravan or entourage; guided by personal integrity, mutual respect and a collective commitment to equality.

 At the sharp end, it is a beautifully hard bicycle race, simple in design but complex in execution: Factors of self-reliance, logistics, navigation and judgement burden racers’ minds as well as their physiques. The strongest excel and redefine what we think possible, while many experienced riders target only a finish. It’s no coincidence that the most prepared will succeed. START // 22:00 SUNDAY 24TH JULY 2022 
Applications for 2022 are closed, applications for TCRNo9 in 2023 will open in November 2022.
The Trans Pyrenees is a new self-supported ultra-distance cycling event produced by Lost Dot, the team behind the Transcontinental Race. 
Mike Hall was designing this event back in 2016; his vision was to reward the most adventurous, providing opportunities to beat the clock by facing the most demanding terrain.
A mixture of Control Points, Parcours and some set route will guide riders through 1500 km of the most spectacular and remote scenery in the Pyrenees from the Bay of Biscay to the Balearic Sea and back again.
The climbing will be considerable, this is definitely one for the grimpeurs! Starting Sept / Oct 2022 TBC. Applications may be available in February 2022.
Anna Haslock is the Director of Lost Dot and the Race Director of TCR and TPR races. Lost Dot is dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for the Transcontinental Race and Trans Pyrenees Race and developing the future of unsupported bicycle racing. Our directors and all our contributors receive a wage and we use any profits to further achieve our ultimate objectives, rather than distributing to shareholders or directors.
Lost Dot is Anna Haslock and David Ayre, supported by an experienced media team, our race partners and friends. We are only too aware that we will never be able to replace the genius of Mike Hall; the TCR and the bikepacking community as a whole will forever be the poorer for having lost such a leading light. We can, however, ensure his hard work and vision are kept alive. Our vision is to ensure that the Transcontinental Race remains a grassroots event, the way Mike Hall envisioned; run by racers for racers.
Mike Hall was a Yorkshireman who had settled in Wales and made it his home. He started racing mountain bikes as a teenager but became more serious in 2009 when he started competing in 24-hour mountain bike races. His first ultra-distance self-supported race was the Tour Divide in 2011; he then won a major ultra-distance event in four of the next five years. In 2012, he won the inaugural World Cycle Race, in 2013 and 2016 he won the Tour Divide, in 2014 he won the inaugural Trans Am Bike Race and featured in Inspired to Ride, a film directed by Mike Dion. Mike founded the TCR in 2013.
 Mike died on 31 March 2017 after being struck by a car, just before dawn, on the Monaro Highway on the outskirts of Canberra during the inaugural Indian Pacific Wheel Race across Australia. At the time he was placed second in the race and had covered 5,024km of the 5500 km race.

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