Get Real About Business Podcast
#2.02: Inspiring Others through Englightened Leadership
October 26, 2020
No 1 international bestselling author and empowerment speaker Gina Gardiner discusses how to improve performance and productivity in your team through becoming an enlightened leader.
Do you ever get frustrated that your team members don't work hard enough, don't take enough initiative, or are completely unable to self-manage? Chances are that while you never intended it, you actually created the situation.

So how do you effectively lead others to greater heights of productivity and performance? The answer is to re-examine the way in which you lead others.

Leadership, sales, and marketing are all about one thing: influence.

By becoming a better, more enlightened leader you have a greater capacity to influence others and make them want to perform better and put in that extra bit of discretionary effort that gets things done even in times of great stress.

In this episode, we break down what it takes to become a more confident, effective, and enlightened leader. 

Today's Guest

In today's episode of the Get Real About Business Podcast, I'm joined by author and leadership coach, Gina Gardiner.

Gina is a multiple No 1 international bestselling author, motivational speaker, empowerment coach, and transformational leadership trainer with 30+ years of experience. She is the founder of the Thrive Together Tribe personal and spiritual development programme and The Enlightened Leadership Programme.

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