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#2.01: How to Start and Grow a Digital Marketing Agency
September 30, 2020
TV celebrity, digital marketer and winner of the Best Global Investment Lead Generation Agency, Johny Pach returns to the show to reveal his best tips on starting and growing a digital marketing agency.
With every crisis and time of upheaval, there exist massive opportunities in business. Right now, it's digital marketing agencies and tech companies that are benefiting most. If you run one of these types of companies, a lot of money can be made right now.

In one way or another, the Corovavirus has turned all our lives upside down. Aside from the obvious health implications, it's meant we have to interact and communicate with people differently. We've already seen how companies like Zoom have experienced phenomenal growth as people turn to video conferencing, but what do you think is happening to every other company right now?

When the pandemic first hit us, the natural tendency was for businesses to batten down the hatches, stop spending money and hope to ride things out.

Now the initial shock has gone, businesses are looking to return to some sense of normality they're all desperately seeking new clients.

So if you happen to run a digital marketing agency and can help businesses find new clients, now is the time to be reaching out and getting new business.

Today's Guest

To kick things off in this first episode of season two, I invited marketer and TV celebrity Johny Pach to come back and share his thoughts on how to start and grow a digital marketing agency.

Johny is the founder of his own digital marketing agency, WeAreNXTGeneration, and recent winner of the Best Global Investment Lead Generation Agency. He runs a full-service digital marketing agency and I even had the privilege of working with him to help him launch and manage his own podcast, the Johny Pach Show.

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