Election and Healthcare Episode with Ken Primus
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Election and Healthcare Episode with Ken Primus
November 2, 2020
In this episode, Sheldon talks with his older brother, Ken Primus, about the healthcare administration industry and how to market your consulting business to skilled care facilities. They also speak about COVID-19's effect on the healthcare industry. Then Sheldon and Ken give some thoughts about what to expect with election results for regulations.
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[00:00:06] spk_0: this episode is powered by Safety FM. Welcome to the safety consultant. Podcast. This is the podcast where I show you the business of being a safety consultant. I am your host, Sheldon Private. And this week, I've got a special guest my brother can promise. And we're gonna do Ah, live ish because it's recorded. But we're gonna be alive at our dads porch. Uh, audio. We're actually gonna do this? Uh, and I'm doing it to fold because I'm teaching him how to use this road castor board at the same time that I'm gonna be doing an episode. So we're fooling around with the board. We're going to do it, you know, one take ish. So that means since we're outside, uh, you're gonna hear background noise you're gonna hear Probably someone right now, since we're recording is gonna want to know Way got one. Guy is already revving the engines back there. That happened to me last time. I did mind like, now it's the time. So again, tell them about yourself. And, uh, and your podcast, he's a podcaster as well. So we're gonna I'm gonna fade out one. So here's how I'm gonna fade one out and start the honora actually can't started and faded. So what you end up having to do and again, everyone listening. I'm teaching him the sports, so I'm learning it also myself. Yeah. If you go to road Castor, you're gonna actually air typing road caster on your your Google search or whatever search engine use. That's the board I'm using. It's a road castor pro board, and, uh, and some of you that are also going to be podcasters as a consultant, you might wanna look into this thing. I'm not doing a paid advertising for him, but it works really well, eso truly I'm learning the buttons as well as him. So you're gonna hear we hit all kinds of stuff, but that's okay. So I'm gonna do my background music for me on Ken's gonna introduce himself.

[00:02:13] spk_1: I'm glad to be here, man. Aziz Shelling said I'm actually it was shelling that has been talking to me for years about putting a podcast together like finally did it, um, currently have actually three of them. E has been busy putting them together. Um, and basically, one is it's called Mystery Bible. The second is the blueprint of faith. And the third is, um, it deals with personal growth was to just threads of enlightenment.

[00:02:45] spk_0: Three from your books from my two. Actually.

[00:02:48] spk_1: Two books I have. I have Blue Brenda Fate and present enlightenment, and I turned them into a podcast and mystery Bible is, um I'm actually that particular when I'm approaching the Bible from a different point of view. Um, all the things that people are not able to talk about in the church, I wanna be able to talk about it on that podcast, and I'm having a lot of fun, but I'm shelling mentioned. I'm his big brother. Um and actually, I went and I took a look and see when I when I started, I think I started that podcast mystery Bible was the first one in July. I think it waas

[00:03:25] spk_0: Yeah, it was around that time and yeah,

[00:03:31] spk_1: we did it in my house in my living room and I mispronounced my the title of my

[00:03:36] spk_0: show. I was so nervous

[00:03:38] spk_1: and everything it was and she was like, You wanna You wanna change it? I'm like, No, that's just it's out. Just let it go and I'll figure it out from there to e just want to get it out of me because it's been there for so long. And I picked his brains and kind of he was my mentor, giving me all the advice that I need. And so I'm just glad that I was able to put it out. And I'm having a lot of fun on anyone out there who was thinking about it. Just go ahead, man. Just do it.

[00:04:11] spk_0: Take the plunge. You could do it. Eso ken, stay job. He does some administration for medical field. So truly when thinking of the covert crisis and and how the medical people are dealing with it and intake and all that, I always have toe find out from someone in administration in the medical field. So he is a consultant, thinking, How can I get into this field? Provides service. What's going on? So he gives me the insight if you will, and we're in Florida and Florida in the U. S. Is seeing a little bit of increase right now, it's going to get into a lot, a bit of an increase. Eso uh, for early on this episode, we're gonna Dio I'm calling this an election episode because, uh, if you're listening to this, the day that it came out would actually be the day before the US elections. So my theme for this one is I wanna have a kind of ah ah, thought is if Donald Trump gets reelected, what does that mean for regulation? Because for us and consulting, we have Thio think about regulatory agencies because usually it's a driver for people. Thio say, Well, OSHA's hair, I need a consultant and then the other side is what's gonna be, you know, regulatory for us with Joe Biden wins. So I'm thinking of this is being, um, what's in it for us? Maybe that's the best way to approach it. What's in it for us? Either way, you know either way, and I'm doing it under the guise of election. But it's what happens after the election is really what I'm thinking. But back to the original thought on Medicare or should say, the medical system now, during cove it what do you think? If someone wants Thio be a safety consultant, they come knock on your door and say, Hey, admin, I need I could help you with having OSHA compliance. I could help you with safety systems. Now, what do you think in would would be your advice to see

[00:06:14] spk_1: advice. My advice is to go do it. Um, the industry right now in the cove. It, uh, pandemic is really an interesting thing. Especially I'm in the asse faras, the skilled nursing peace and the skilled nursing piece we watched and we saw initially when it first came. I'll give an example in my facility when it first came in. For months, we had no way had no positive cases. And then, um, because of a nurse just visiting a family member that exhibited signs of it, it was able to come into my facility in, So we had to make some adjustments really quickly because of the speed in which this thing, um uh, let's let's loose, because it's so hard to track on. Dso uh, once you're spinning in that bubble, I guess anyone coming into that time providing help would be, uh, will be really good for us to give us guidance on how to proceed. How? Toe how toe. Um, you know, we know about the masking, you know, about the, uh, all the different things to prevent this hand sanitizer. Those are all things that we did. Um,

[00:07:26] spk_0: proactively guidelines. CTO lines.

[00:07:29] spk_1: We had the CDC guidelines, but we also had our own that we had set up within the facility, and those guidelines were able to help us out. But once it came in house, it was really difficult. Thio managed to get a handle on it took us, uh, several months toe to put it together and whereby we were able to now go back to that status of zero uh, covert in our facility. Eso ah, lot of facilities. Um, United States wide, uh, going through the same thing. I I remember when when it first came to our shores. Actually, I was going to Asia, and my job didn't want me to go because they were like, Oh, you're going to get, uh, yeah, quarantine and all this kind of stuff. And my concern wasn't Asia was more so coming back to the United States because I know that I knew that we would have politicized virus eso The logic behind that fails me because ah, virus is a virus. And so, um, it doesn't recognize political party, but and you're absolutely correct that based on which party gets into power, that's how our healthcare system, uh, changes. So it then, depending on the length of person in the office, if it's eight years, four years or whatever. So within four years it'll change again if there and stuff like that. So my advice is to put your plan together and, uh, go to the leadership and present your case as to how you could help them. Number one prevented coming in number two. If there's a infection, how do you manage that? And give them that support that they need? Because in many cases, they're just, um yeah,

[00:09:28] spk_0: and it's well because to us, we think medical professionals You got this, you got this. But then at the speed and with this virus transmits, they also have to think of for us. In the safety world, we think of risk management. And truly if we're doing risk and risk assessment, risk management, everything else like that we're dealing with, then truly I'm thinking that the consultant side would be how can we help them identify and control risk that will lead Thio Whatever the viruses, the SARS cov to virus. The three exposure is what I'm trying to get the exposure to the workers, the exposure to your patients because it's not only you have residents there, that's where they live. If you don't get it right, the people live there, they're gonna have some issues.

[00:10:23] spk_1: Exactly. And the thing about your business and is that you're helping us to manage risk, whether it's that risk is a virus, that which, whether that risk is blood born diseases and all the other things that are within the health care field. So I would just basically put a plan together, and I would approach usually most skilled nursing facility. If it's not an independent, which most of them are not, um, they're managed by some company. I would approach that management company and say, Hey, um, uh, you know, locally that I can help you because you're here locally and some of the management companies in most cases are out of state. So if you can put together with

[00:11:07] spk_0: either, uh, they're human resource, would it be the risk manager who would be the title we should be looking for?

[00:11:13] spk_1: I would go to their, um, like a regional leader. Whether it's, um on. Then that regional leader will take it to the regional, uh, risk manager and all that type stuff. So whoever is that regional leader, because that's how they will set it up. Their regional leaders that you can touch base with. You could pick that up from the from the management company, and they'll give you that information and I would go. That route is the safest route. Because if you come to the facility, you approach that administrated at administrator, still have to go to the regional team.

[00:11:53] spk_0: Kind of bypassed the middleman eso you're coming from top down. Actually, that makes sense

[00:11:58] spk_1: in bottom up.

[00:12:00] spk_0: Yeah, that makes sense. And then, truly, I would imagine if you get them, they probably have many facilities. Exactly. If you start at the top, you could actually consult to everyone else. So if you

[00:12:11] spk_1: make your case at the top and, um, you know, just like any other business where you're providing that service, that can help mitigate whatever situation they're managing or potential that can arise Azaz That falls on the risk. Yeah, you know. Then you'll be able Thio access all those facilities.

[00:12:33] spk_0: What about the way in through training? Is there still a need for training? And are there any, like, cuz or anything? We as consultants come give to any of the people in the facility that says, All right, Not only can we train you on cove, it and other things blood borne pathogens and and all the other things that we're dealing with PPE and everything else, But we could also give you see use or something else that might help us get our foot in the door.

[00:13:01] spk_1: Yeah. Now that piece, that approach will give you access to the administrator. And you will I would probably go to the administrator, go to the risk manager in the facility and say, Hey, we have a couple of programs that weaken, uh, that I have access to that I can train your nurses, you Ciena's, your your staff and on the local level. And that peace will bring you, uh, into the the facility that way, Um on and, uh, see use and all that type stuff because they need those type of things. And training is always necessary in a skilled nursing facility because people sometimes get tend to get, um, familiar with their things. They get into a routine, and that's how you could make mistakes is just because if you're into this routine, you're not really processing things. You're just, uh,

[00:13:58] spk_0: autopilot auto pilot. So, Leo, and

[00:14:03] spk_1: so in in my field, uh, most of the mistakes that they're done is because someone is on autopilot, you know? So if you come in and you train them and what it does, training basically does is wakes him up and make them aware. And so it kinda, uh, kinda tap them, you know, through education. And so now when they're in the situation and they come on the present before a patient, they'll take whatever training they have, and then they'll start applying it, watching it. So it makes them more aware, I believe, and every facility needs that. So, um, in that case, I would come from bottom up where the sea use and that type of stuff, because that's hands on right in the city,

[00:14:49] spk_0: and they could see it. Excellent. See? All right, so that's the first half of our episode we're getting. We're picking Ken's bringing together for getting into one aspect of the society. The healthcare society. If you goto OSHA dot gov backslash s l t c backslash Covic hyphen 19. Makes it really bad, but even easier goto OSHA dot gov hit, uh, they have a little banner for about cove in 19. You could learn mawr. And on that page, when you see learn mawr, they actually have different items for health care than other industries that you could use as a basis for training. Uh, getting See use. However, for nursing and other entities, you're gonna have to go to your state and, uh, see who is the accrediting board for your nursing from the state level and then submit your courses to them first. They will then give you the the credentialing or say that you haven't approved EU course. So then when you submit it to them for saying I did this course, here's the attendance sheet and everything else. Here's the curriculum. Then it will automatically. They put it into that person's file, if you will, and therefore, when they're ready to get their C use, they have asthma. Any continuing education units that you use that they need to get their license. And there's a whole bunch of other people that are licensed professional that needs to keep up their accreditation. So it can saying on the local level, if that's your out, go and get your foot in the door through training on a regional level. If you wanna b'more on the the big brain side of you know, here's your plan for Cova 19 and other things because there'll be plenty of all the things they're gonna need. Eso you might wanna partner yourself with a bigger entity there. And you know, who knows? You could be a consultant. Thio several different managed care or or skill learning facilities I call Ken's alright. Cancer. My facility. No one else. Go grab dibs. E got dibs on my brother's facility. Uh, but, uh, let's also talk about what's tomorrow? A big day for everybody. If you haven't voted yet, you still have time. Go vote today. Go vote tomorrow. Uh, be prepared. There's all kinds of sites now for for readiness, but I would probably if I was already voted by mail in Florida. Uh, it was like, my only choice. Yeah, it was Yeah. So I'm Here's my plan Can you tell them yours? But if I were going to go and vote right now, what I would be bringing is I would bring a little portable charger for my phone. I'd bring a chair so I could sit on one of those foldable chairs like you would an event. I would bring some water s so that I could you rehydrated them going, and I would bring someone else with me so we could take turns in line eso When I have to go to the bathroom, they'll be in line. And then when they go to bathroom, I'd be in line. So that's that's the things I'm thinking of. And then if it's a book or my phone or whatever, I need Thio entertain myself on the way. Uh, that's that's what I think I would bring if I was still having to in person vote right now and a snack. Get

[00:18:22] spk_1: some protein bars and

[00:18:23] spk_0: yeah, you know? Yeah, while

[00:18:26] spk_1: you're while you're online, just listen to my podcast.

[00:18:29] spk_0: O e like that. Um, yeah, a president blueprint. You

[00:18:38] spk_1: go. That will help you out, but yeah, just get some entertainment, you know, so that you can get into your zone because I believe this election is very important. Um and you know, whatever party you're in, I suggest you get out and vote because that is our right. As citizens of the United States of America, I think our United States out of the world, we are one of the lowest when it comes to voting assed faras numbers eso way need to step out. And even though we preach democracy, our our system, we re lack in as faras the amount of participation from our citizens. So I suggest that you get out there and show your your strength through your vote

[00:19:32] spk_0: and s Oh, this brings to whoever gets elected. Let's take a reelection first. So if Trump gets reelected, and, uh and I'm just gonna say Trump or Biden, so I'm going to skip the formalities. But in this case, uh, then the trickle down effect and I'm doing this historically, the trickle trickle down effect historically is if the Republicans are in office, uh, then regulation on all levels is usually reduced. So if that's the case and currently in this administration, we had three years and I used to do a presentation called Of the Future of OSHA. The Donald Trump Era and that was the title. It was nice and catchy. I was actually in the process of writing a book with it until I've got the future of Ocean The Donald Trump era. Uh, on it turned out that it's less it's less regulation to the point that it's stagnant regulation. And, uh, the reason why I say that is you could look at the numbers, the numbers of fatalities that we look at every year when OSHA releases the numbers, which will probably be released. I would imagine next week, sometime for the fiscal year 2019. It's usually the first week in November. Uh, they have been going up S O. That makes me think you know what's happening, that these numbers are going up with fatalities and some of the causes could be an economy booming, booming. So therefore, if at the time uh, next year's numbers, we're gonna really tell us what Cova did because you'll see it all of a sudden, you know, the numbers going to shift. But if more people are working, then that means it's possibility that you're gonna have more injuries and fatalities, so I understand that. But as a trend, it has been going up and then looking at what's called the unified agenda. And you could go to OSHA dot gov typing regulatory agenda or unified agenda, the things that is on a regulators mind. And they're getting funded for through the Office of Business Management Uh, management and budget. Excuse me. Oh, and be the thing that they put in there is going to tell you their activities of the year. So OSHA did their budget. They were going to increase some some different areas that they were going to to add new standards. Beryllium and a couple other things, uh, cranes and derricks. But everything else was gonna be stagnant, and they're gonna increase money in compliance assistance. So that was my my understanding over the last three years, compliance assistance didn't really get that much money or activity, uh, in actuality, but it was budgeted. And then the other thing that they were supposed to do, uh, that has not really happened was actually leadership positions were never No one was ever in lead of OSHA. Still, from this day once Dr Michaels left as the head of OSHA. There has never been someone else to replace him, and management and leadership in OSHA has been leaving without anybody replacing them so that make it a weaker OSHA. So I would say if if Trump gets elected, you're going to see more of that eso That's my my my thought can What do you think? On on? If a Republican gets or say Trump gets reelected on the regulatory side, I know you could deal with all kinds of regulators at your facility. Uh, what do you think? Because health care may be a little different than what I'm seeing in a overall view. But what What What's your crystal ball? I can tell you

[00:23:20] spk_1: a zoo you mentioned any time the Republican comes and it's always less regulation. And so, um, on coming from my point of view on the health care, uh, if November, actually, we're going to know some changes based on the affordable care act that is coming before the Supreme Court. And so that's some from that level, Um, from a federal level, we're going to see based on that information, tremendous amount of changes coming down and gonna be trickling down to my place right now. They're change so many changes. Um, fluctuation because of the rules that are the new CDC guidelines. This so because of the fragmented approach of our current system, the government that are in place. Uh, there's so many changes happening in our in my area that it's scary to us because one day when we were following this one, we get another thing the next day saying, No, that's not good. This you need to do this So we're panicking. Aled A long trying to manage our risk. And so it's really right now, to be honest guys, it's risky. You know, if there's a word I can use to describe, uh, our field right now, the uncertainty is really, really toxic. And so, um, it for a Republican agenda in health care, from our point of view, is total on, uh, certainty. We're not sure because it changes so often

[00:25:03] spk_0: financial. Or is it more process and procedure

[00:25:07] spk_1: processes and procedures More than anything else? The financial piece, it's, ah, system, a payment system that they have decided on, and so they're passing that on. That's fine. Um, but it's more so processes that we're gonna find ourselves on. That's where we make the mistakes. And that's where uh, folks like you guys will come in and be able to put these small little programs, especially see you stuff in the training and that on that lower level that will be able to help, um, a facility managed the chaos.

[00:25:40] spk_0: Yeah. Wow. Well, that might mean, um there could be some more work if you're a specialist in health care, but that would mean you'll have to be on top of it and understand that because they're saying that changes so fast. I

[00:25:53] spk_1: mean, they're days that we go to bed one day, and the next day it's a different thing. Um, and the there is no forecast saying, Oh, this is coming. It's just it's here. And so we're playing catch up with that now. For me, if a Democrat wins, e think, um, for what I would foresee more so than anything else, there might be a lot more regulation. But I think there is more stability that will come out of that. And once it's a stable environment, I think, then you're able to pursue things you're able to plan. You're able to do things. The uncertainty you could. You could manage that, I guess. But there's, um, the room for mistakes arm or so in that setting, one of this constant. Um, yeah, uncertainty just constant. And so, um, there is, um, within the democratic peace. If that's elected and I think there's more where you could set up your business and you can forecast even better, Onda, look into the future further out.

[00:26:59] spk_0: One thing I was thinking about then is for us having your own liability insurance. If something's constantly changing you, you create a plan, you create a system, and then all of a sudden, two months later it's obsolete and you're not on top of it. Then you don't you don't know to change it. You then could be. You could be liable if you will, for then sending people the wrong way, the wrong path, if you will. So that means for us. Uh, that volatility would also affect us in our credibility and everything else as consultants, so that that means that we might end up having to do somewhat like a service plan and a service plan that says, Here's your initial risk management plan that we're gonna give you were going for, Let's say, a reduction in your experience modification rate or a reduction in your workers comp premium and all of a sudden the rules, which you might have a service contract that says I'm gonna update this, a recorder or whatever and then follow up a recorder with whatever the way I do it. I don't know if anyone else's use this, but I actually do, Ah, Google Alert and I put in a keyword of whatever it is. So I have alert right now for E. P. A and a few special EPA rules. And then I have an alert for OSHA and a few OSHA rules that mean a lot to me. So if there's any new news anywhere on the Web, I get ah, alert daily on those topics, so that might help you kind of stay on top of it. I don't know any chills. Your

[00:28:39] spk_1: your Department of Health is another entity that I would monitor through your different alerts as well, because they're more on the ground floor to my that will show up in my facility and so forth you have. Alka, you have all of those guys. But the Department of Health. Um, I would I would have some type of Lord to that. We'll get to you all the changes coming from that, that side as well.

[00:29:05] spk_0: All right. And, uh, I'm on the OSHA website now, so if you gotta OSHA dot gov and, uh, I'm going to continue with my thought of If there's a Biden presidency for Biden, I would think you would want to go back to some of the things that you will see. A Sfar as regulation, Uh, businesses didn't like the Obama regulation eras and there was quite a few things that took place. One of them was a really big standard called walking and working surface that made general industry have a full protection type standard, like construction. So that went over like a lead balloon in the industry. But it was definitely necessary. So I would imagine that you're probably going to see some of these rules that I'm looking at the unified agenda, uh, go into place. One of the rules that OSHA has that's coming up is going to be a proposed rule for a communication tower safety standard has your communication standard a change in your powered industrial trucks or forklifts? Like a tag out. There's an update in here. Uh, they're going to change the rules in silica a little. That that table. One task for you guys to deal with. Silica welding in construction, a drug testing and safety incentive rule is now one of the things that has been Ah, pre up. Well, it's in the proposed rule stage. And I would imagine that one's gonna go off really hard because the last time they talked about drug testing, man Oh, she got hit on that one. Sure. In construction, man. Yeah, you would get. Nobody will work for you. He started doing that.

[00:30:52] spk_1: I'm pretty sure not even construction. Some some of the health care kidding me.

[00:30:57] spk_0: Some, uh uh,

[00:30:59] spk_1: even in that industry. So, yeah, um, probably wouldn't have some of the doctors. E can't understand why they're fighting that.

[00:31:07] spk_0: Yeah, so that's in here. So I would say if you're gonna PPE in construction is another new one, and then another standard change and, um, walking on working surfaces. So those were some of the things that air proposed rules according Toa OSHA's Unified Agenda. And that means if we do have a Biden presidency, chances are they're going to first and foremost start getting some sort of OSHA leadership back. Uh, they'll probably gonna want to start hiring again because OSHA has not been doing much of that. They've been losing people s O. That means stability in OSHA. Once OSHA gets the stable, regulations will go up. And then when regulation goes up, our business goes up. So, selfishly speaking, that might be good for us. Uh, practically speaking, it's even better for worker safety. Eso I'm going to say it that way. Eso that's that's my thought. Can what you got?

[00:32:09] spk_1: I agree with you 100%. I think, um, at the bottom line of all of this is just always, uh, people in what of whatever former industry you're in, Um, healthcare industry. Um, you know, my background. And so, um, yours is the safety peace and but the safety's toe, all all the different industries that were part of eso, we're looking to make sure that each person is taking care of because we all have families and friends and stuff like that.

[00:32:43] spk_0: That could

[00:32:44] spk_1: get hurt as a result of the type of things that we do. But I actually I agree with you. I think it's the stability in with the Biden presidency. Um would profit in the end, versus a unstable market. And you see that in the stock market in today, through the the fact that it's so unstable, eyes just going all over the place And what what really attracts the stock market stability? Eso, um, on the instability right now is just causing such a panic, and it trickles all the way down. So I'm looking forward to see what happens. Um, upon this election again, this is, uh this is what the American people would wanna choose, what direction they want to go, and then you and I just manage our business

[00:33:41] spk_0: accordingly. Yeah, they're kidding. So that's Ah, the health care slash election coverage for the podcast and another hidden benefit to this is, you know, me and my brother get to hang out of her, uh, way get to give you Ah, not precise podcasting studio quality. But it's still fun for us. And her cooking? Yeah. A brother knows just came by, gave us some water. So we're all set. Here s Oh, this will be broadcast on Monday for us. We're recording on Saturday. The before election day. Uh oh, yeah, I forgot. I got to show my brother the road castor board if you're becoming a podcaster, and this is something you want to do, contacted me and Sheldon at Sheldon prima's dot com, Sheldon at Sheldon prima's dot com. And I currently have roughly about eight podcasting, uh, podcasting services that I could help you. So, Meaning eight people that want to get into podcasting. I do have a networking room that I could get you on for hosting. That's it. I'm not gonna be editing your podcast or anything that's up to you. But for hosting, I can host and, uh, just get send me an email, and I'll tell you all the particulars about it. So the Children and Children prima's dot com Ken, how do we reach it? Uh,

[00:35:19] spk_1: actually, each one of the sites have my email for that particular site on. Do you? You can get to me at, uh, ok and that promise at Mystery Bible on the same goes for the other sites. Can prime minister ktn dot primates at present enlightenment and, uh, k n dot prime minister blueprint of fate.

[00:35:44] spk_0: And those were all dot coms, right? Yep. All dot coms. Excellent. So thank you all for hanging out during this training session on the road castor board talking about politics and, you know, looser forms. How what it means for us is consultants, uh, finding out a little bit about the medical field if you decided to do medical. So I appreciate it for hanging out with me and Ken. Uh, I will see you next week. Go get him. This'll episode has been powered by safety FM.

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