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A Moment Can Make a Lifetime (Linda Claire Puig)
August 13, 2021
On this week’s episode, we sit down with entrepreneur and traveling evangelist Linda Claire Puig. As a young single mom, Linda launched a business that allowed her to travel while working - and she didn’t stop there. Linda has been living her dream ever since, building two hugely successful and location-independent businesses and publishing the book FREE.
Episode summary: Linda Claire Puig is an avid traveler and entrepreneur who started a business that allowed her to travel internationally and make money at the same time. Linda’s bucket list has been full of exciting locations and countries since she was a little girl. Her desire to travel was so strong that at the age of sixteen, she quit her job after five days to follow her grandparents on a trip to Hawaii.

     In this episode, Linda discusses how she started her own business as a young single mom, which later developed into two successful businesses,  6-Figure Newsletter and Adventurous Life Int’l. She’s achieved remarkable business success while visiting the canals in Bruges, Belgium, seeing the northern lights in Norway during the dead of winter, and watching the fireworks on New Year's Eve, in Sydney, Australia. For Linda, true success means having a business that allows her the freedom to see the world when she wants to.

“You need to really know how you define making it and to kind of clear out the trash and the clutter of what that's supposed to look like. And really get clear on what that looks like for you.” – Linda Claire Puig

Linda Claire Puig

Guest Bio:
Relationship marketing expert Linda Claire Puig helps solopreneurs use email to develop loyal, engaged subscribers and turn those fans into clients and customers. Author of FREE and The 6-Figure Newsletter, Linda's popular Ready2Go Articles take the time and effort out of nurturing and keeping in touch with those valuable subscribers. Linda loves to travel the world with her business and is the co-founder of, which brings groups of professionals and entrepreneurs ages 40+ to international destinations to live, work and explore in community. When she's not traveling, she lives in gorgeous Northern California with her dog Lulu.

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• Episode transcript: A Moment Can Make a Lifetime (Linda Claire Puig)

[00:00:06] Hi this is Linda Claire Puig and this is Making It. I run two online businesses. One is known as six figure newsletters and the other adventurous life international. 

     To me making it means uh my making it flavor is all about travel. I remember this dream that I had when I was in Italy, this mentor was saying to me, do you believe that a moment can make a lifetime and there was all sorts of, you know like flying cars and stuff because it was a dream right? And I remember just pondering that in the dream and and woke up and said you know what I do, I really do believe that a moment can make a lifetime. When I was in my teens I really loved hearing my grandparents talk about their latest trip. They were big travelers. I wouldn't say my own family was necessarily but my grandparents were and so I always remember them talking about Prague I've now been to Prague three times. I remember the very first time going was just like finally I'm here. I've been thinking about this since I was a teenager, you know uh huh I had my first job, I think when I was 16 I was waiting tables and five days into that job my grandparents asked if I wanted to go with them to Hawaii to some like international lions club convention or something and I quit my job to go travel with them because that's how interested I was in travel. 

     So I've had for a number of years, a bucket list of places that I want to go and some are really high up on that list and in the last, I want to say four years I've hit uh probably 15 of those bucket list locations. I remember the feeling of being on the canals in bruges Belgium of seeing the northern lights in Norway during the dead of winter of walking around Amsterdam and of seeing the fireworks at New Year's Eve in Sydney Australia, I mean just like all of these places and every time I would get there, I just feel chills like oh my God, I am living my dream and it's such a, it's just such an incredible feeling. So when it came time to create something, um I wanted to be able to do it from anywhere and initially it was because I had a young child, I started my first business when he was two and so I wanted to be able to stay at home when I wanted to to go places with him when I wanted to. So it was really important to me that kind of location independence from that standpoint. And then as soon as he got old enough to really dig into travel with me, then we traveled together to a lot of different places. So I always knew that I needed to have a business that allowed me that freedom to to be where I wanted to be when I wanted to be there. 

     I built a team bit by bit, first was an assistant, I don't remember the order of things, but eventually I built up to a team of about six or seven people and then at some point I actually decided to go like on a sabbatical that ended up being about a two years of article. So I contracted my team. It was really just supposed to be six months at first and then it turned into a year and then the year turned into two and I was starting to get worried that I would never get back. But that's when I started the adventurous life travel business and that kind of juiced me in all ways. I'd have to say that it's let me see if I can articulate it succinctly. It's about acceptance. Like I have, I have as I think most people do critical voices that show themselves up from time to time. There's a quality of flow for lack of a better word that comes when you are just accepting of, you know, like yeah, I make mistakes, big deal. We hold ourselves to such high high standards and often don't let ourselves off the hook when we when we really should be. So just that kind of self love and and humility and acceptance without guilt, without shame, without any of those toxic kinds of things. But just, you know, just like, okay, next moving right along, it's just I've worked with somebody on those matters, those types of matters, you know, for years and and I just, I feel in such a different place now then, you know, then when I first started working that with that person because I just don't I don't have a lot of that drastic kind of fear and shame and feelings of, you know, not being good enough, like I really have moved past a lot of that, thank God there are worst pieces of advice strewn all all the time, all over the place and um you know, it's it's that you should do this and you should do that and if you don't then you're not gonna make it and so any any of those pieces of advice that I that I listened to thinking, oh I got to do that now, oh I got to do that now, I got to do that now like that I know now that that that's just malarkey, I mean I've I've come far enough that I know that I can reject what doesn't feel right for me, I can also stretch, you know, it's not like I'm saying don't stretch and don't try new things, but you know, eventually you learn what works for you and what doesn't what really lights you up, what doesn't and when we focus on the pieces that we resonate with and that you know, that do light us up and that's just going to be so much better. 

     I don't do five year plans. I have a friend that always asks me that like what do you what do you want to be in five years and because she's my friend I always try to oblige but I just don't like it. I really am much more of a 1 to 2 years kind of a person I cannot imagine, I couldn't imagine five years ago what I'd be doing now and five years before that what I was doing then. You know like I just think that things life shifts and changes so much that you know it's all gonna change anyway. The first tip is that you need to really know how you define making it and to kind of clear out the trash and the clutter of what that's supposed to look like and really just get clear on what that looks like for you, whether it's building a huge empire and having a magnificent enormous team or whether that's just something really simple so that you can you know spend two months out of the years with grandkids, whatever that is. Just know what that is. And then the next the next big step really is just like find the people that resonate with what it is that you have to offer and be in touch with them on a regular basis, serving up valuable material. That's that's helpful to their lives. 

     So this is Linda Claire Puig and thanks for listening and you can find me at six figure newsletters dot com that's with the numeral six. Or you can reach me at linda at Claire communications dot com. C L A I R E. 

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