How to keep your customers happy in a presale
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How to keep your customers happy in a presale
May 29, 2021
In this episode, we talk about how to eliminate the common concern of customers having buyer’s remorse after a presell.
Okay. So the question is how do I keep my customers happy after I sold them in a pre-sell? This is a common worry because people are concerned that their customers might have buyer's remorse and ask for a refund or perhaps they're scared that they won't be able to deliver on time. And then customers will ask for a refund or customers will just be unhappy with the whole waiting period. So how do you manage that situation? And that's what today's episode is going to be about. And by the end of this episode, you are going to know exactly how to keep your customers happy if you've sold them in a presell. 

So here's the secret, the way that you keep your customers happy is by delivering as much value as possible at the moment of sale. So what do I mean by this? Let's say that you are pre-selling and I think of the last episode, I use fidget spinners as an example. Somebody's fidget spinners. Again, let's say your pre-selling fidget spinners like no one in the world have seen fidget spinners before and you are pre-selling this item, and let's say that this pre-sale is a couple of months out. So it'll be around six months before you can actually be shipped these fidget spinners out and you're taking money in a pre, so so how do you start getting benefit? Well, there are several ways to give a benefit. One of the most common ways is to offer some kind of pre-sell discount and if you're giving them some discount you're essentially bribing them to wait this long and you're saying you're coming in as an early bird so I'm gonna give you a better price and you're you're paying them you're essentially paying them to wait that long. 

There is a better way, however. And the way that I like to do it is I like to deliver as much value as possible at the moment of the presale and when I say deliver as much value as possible, I want to exceed the amount of value, so buyers feel like they won right at the pre stone, they won't ask for a refund because everything that they're getting is way more than what they're actually buying. So I'll give you an example, I am pre-selling my book right now, if you go to or to make it short, I am pre-selling my book, the book doesn't come out until November 28 or 29th. If you're, if you're listening to this after November 29, 2021, then I apologize, the book is already out hopefully, but yeah, so I'm doing this presale and what I'm doing is people who buy into the free cell, they are getting added to my early adopter club. 

And this early adopter club, I am starting to deliver value right away in the form of content and my plan is to make this content so much more valuable than the cost of the book itself. That way I increase the sales of my book, I will start building up hype, I will start delivering value right away where people won't want to ask for a refund, hopefully, they won't want to ask for a refund. So in this way, as you are pre-selling your product, you're increasing the size of your customer list, you're delivering value right away where they won't ask for a refund. This is really how you start building up hype for your product before your product even comes out. And you might be asking yourself, okay, well that's great that you're giving out a lot of content, but I'm not a content creator. What can I do to start giving value?

And the thing is, you actually are a content creator. If you've ever posted anything on Facebook or have done anything, have created any type of contribution, you've likely creative content, but this is how you would do it. What you do is instead of getting on a video camera and doing a talk or writing out a blog post or something like that, there's still different ways where you can start adding value. What you do is you look at the customer journey, you find out what some of these pain points are, and you can curate some of the value from other people and deliver that instead. So you're not coming up with this content, you're curating the content from elsewhere, collecting it and that collection of it, that organization of it, is the value add that you're providing, and then you give that out right away and you start building that relationship with your early adopters. So that's how you add value to your early adopters in a pre-sell. I hope that helped. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom. Bam, I'm out. 

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