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96. Meet Prapri (DEBBIE) Jensen, one of the Women who Rode in the Women's Tour De France in 1984. Hear her story.
July 14, 2021
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Debbie Jensen, she was one of the lucky women who RODE THE WOMENS TOUR DE FRANCE in the 80's. Here's her story.

Prapti was a lover of cycling from the get-go at 7 years zooming around on her purple “banana seat” CCM bike complete with easy rider handle-bars and pink streamers.  
Growing up in Calgary meant alpine ski racing was the norm and cycling was great off-season joy.  
Competitive cycling took over in 1984 – in the day of leather hairnets not helmets. 
Through a lot of good luck, she ended up racing throughout Europe and North America with the Canadian women’s national road cycling team in '85 and '86 alongside Ottawa locals Laura Ruptash, Senta Bauermeister, and Marie Claude Audet. 
Surprising to many, including herself, competitive cycling led to the discovery of meditation and a now 35+ year daily practice studying with her spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy.  
Cycling and good food are perfect partners so in 1995 Prapti started up one of Ottawa’s early vegetarian restaurants - Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise [1995 to 2018].   
In 2019 reunited with her love of cycling and the great joys of competition she is aiming at becoming the master over the start line butterflies at the local individual time trial races and shooting for some PB's too.


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