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253. LAROSE FOREST one of the Coolest Places to Mountain Bike & The MANA Centre Retreat | Emmanuelle & Jean-Sebastian
July 13, 2022
This episode is pretty cool, BECAUSE I've been hearing SO many amazing things about this "LAROSE FOREST" place to Moutain & FAT Biking. I was about to speak with Emmanuelle and JS about how they created the MANA Retreat centre for couples, teenagers & corporate events. I finally got to MTN bike there and it is everything they say it is and more! It's a place you MUST explore!

Emmanuelle and JS are partners in business and in life. Together, they own The Mana Centre, which is a Bikeshop that's more than just a bike shop located in the Larose Forest. Both registered social workers, their vision is to create a space that will bring the community together, whether it's through bike co-repair workshops, teambuilding activities or sports and nature-based group therapy. They work closely with the Larose Forest team and with the community to help co-build a collective vision for their ecologically and socially driven enterprise.
Emmanuelle is a self-described Nature lover and climate activist, who especially enjoys hiking, mountain biking and yoga. She is a registered social worker, certified yoga therapist and PhD student who focuses on environmental social work. Her expertise in the field of mental health spans more than 20 years.  Her international training in narrative therapy and yoga therapy serves as a framework for the sport and nature-based intervention programs she now offers in the Larose Forest.
Jean-S├ębastien has been dreaming of this Bikeshop for a long time! He is passionate about mountain biking and you'll most likely find him with a bike tool in his hands (at any time of day) or grooming the trails in the Winter. As a registered Social Worker, JS has been working in the youth and mental health sector for more than two decades, which is why he especially loves to host schools in the Larose Forest as he finds it important that young people get their proper dose of fun, exercise and Nature!

Since 2018, his focus has been combining narrative therapy with outdoor therapy and, reflecting his social work soul, he loves to foster opportunities for people to learn new skills and connect with each other. JS is also a certified mountain bike instructor and offers lessons to individuals, families and couples.

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