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246. NEW EGYPTIAN MONTU Gravel Bikes & Endurance Apparel | Hani Morsi
June 27, 2022
A great story about how I got to know Hani and purchase one of his MONTU GRAVEL Bikes. As you can appreciate BIKES ARE EXPENSIVE and not available. So when I came across the MONTU Gravel bike for less than a mortgage payment, I was interested in learning more. I further found out that it's their own brand and some available and to order it only took 2mo, PLUS they were local. I WAS IN. Breaking from the norm as I usually do, I purchased a MONTU Gravel BIke and I'm loving the ride.

I have never biked on a single crank, the shifting took a little getting used too. LOL
They also have a small yet Kick-Ass Endurance Clothing line of cargo bib shorts. I purchased one as well as a shirt and now wear them most of the time when on long rides.
I really love the convenience of the side pockets.

Want to check them out here's my code to get 15% off
CODE: sylvie15

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We created Montu to bring some soul into the world of bicycles and technical endurance cycling apparel. We make products that reflect who we are and what we want: to enjoy the freedom of cycling and to celebrate the growing geographical and cultural diversity of endurance sports. Montu is a Canadian company with roots in Egypt. Our design philosophy showcases elements that define and connect the different cultural and historical influences that built it. ‘Montu’ is an ancient Egyptian God signifying strength, courage and victory.

 We are a small yet diverse team of endurance sports enthusiasts with experience in the various disciplines of the sports of cycling & running. We approach product development with a keen eye of what we would like to use and wear. While we currently focus on bikes and cycling apparel, we intend to expand to running apparel in the near future.

Our products strike an important balance: that between aesthetics and functional features. The Ancient Egyptians believed that everything had a unique character known as “Ba“. All our products are developed with the central principle of building a unique “Ba” into the final design, balancing elements of form and function that makes for gear guaranteed to please, whether you’re out for a spin on your local roads or trails, on an epic bikepacking trip, a local club ride or gearing up for a grueling ultra-endurance event.

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