The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#059 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Remco Haes
August 30, 2022
Sometimes we make excellent decisions, and along the way, we learn it’s not how we envisioned them. Today, we explore Remco Haes journey, who transitioned from sales to launching his business and later found his way back to sales as Account Manager at Willow. In this episode, he talks to us about his tech life journey, feeling micromanaged and launching his business, building a picture of where he wants to go as well as his journey transitioning from being his own boss to employment. Remco also discusses the best practices for SDRs, and three bits of advice he’d give to his younger self. The SDR DiscoCall Show is sponsored by Chili Piper. For more information, head to
Remco shares his tech-sales journey, lessons, experience in entrepreneurship, benefits of discovering your mission, and why you should never compare yourself to anyone else but yourself!  He also discusses tips to succeed in doing your own thing, embracing failure, letting go, and his typical day as a senior SDR.

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[01:24] Introducing Remco Haes
[02:06] Remco's hobbies and interest outside sales
[03:11] Remco’s tech life journey to where he is today
[06:45] How Remco concluded what he wants and where he wants to go
[08:54] How Remco made an informed decision to launch his business and what was his experience
[12:55] How Remco was able to let go of his unsuccessful business and get back to SDR
[18:02] Remco’s transitioning journey from being his own boss to employment
[21:21] Remco’s typical day as a senior SDR
[23:53] Best practices for an SDR who doesn’t know where to begin
[25:51] Advice to someone fearful about posting or not getting the engagement they see other people getting
[29:16] Three bits of advice Remco would give to his younger self