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How to ruin your sleep in perimenopause
July 16, 2022
A short example of why sleep hygiene is important, yet it's the first thing to go when things start to get tough.
Ann Marie is back with another solo episode, this time talking about how she WAS a good sleeper and how she became a bad sleeper and how she's on her way back to good now. Are you in the sleep dumps? When you don't sleep, it all starts to crumble, doesn't it? Listen on for some guidance on how to get it together.

• the things Ann Marie did to get good sleep
• how she went from good to bad in just two weeks
• how she's working her way back
• what Wim Hof, walking and being around humans has to do with it
• a few wise words from a Hotflash inc follower
• focusing on "the bares" until we get back on track

SEASON 2 of interviews coming in August! Stay tuned...

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