Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Master Trinity helps me discover my authentic self
August 9, 2022
We have a return visit from the Matrix Dominatrix, Master Trinity, who helps me dive deeply into my recent decision to identify as Gender Fluid and the fear in coming out as ones authentic self. It is a very personal program for the host full of emotion and raw truth.
Usually we put the bio of the guest on here, but before we do, I wanted to share a personal note. I have discovered a lot of changes in my life that have put me in a position of not knowing who I am and not understanding the person I have become. Trinity and I became friends after the last show, and even tried to record a show back in February that led to me breaking down during the zoom call and never finishing the show. I asked her to help me understand some of those issues in this episode. I share my vulnerability with the listeners of this podcast because it is a labor of love for me and I feel safe in the discussion of such things with friends. I am thankful for Master Trinity to open that space for me for this episode, and I hope you will share your thoughts with me as well. 

Virtual Fitness Trainer, Photographic Artist, Dominatrix, and Latex Fetishist with a passion for inspiring people to live their most healthy, fulfilling, and authentic lives. Trinity is new kind of animal. Their enthusiasm for fitness and alternative sexual expression can be seen through the startup of @ShineFitnessTraining, a virtual fitness training business founded in March 2021.

Alongside the Fitness Training business, Master Trinity aspires to one day become a professional Dominatrix.

 “…To be able to guide others and show them how to safely expand their physical sexual experiences in a healthy, and effective way, that would be a dream come true.”- Trinity

Known as @matrix_dominatrix_ on Instagram, Trinity was born to break the mold of what it means to be human, what it means to be a sexual being, and what it means to live a confident and healthy lifestyle.