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190. MOVE Your Body out of LOVE & RESPECT: How Lea Smith works with her athletes
February 16, 2022
In this episode, you will learn about: Lea Smith shares with us how moving your body out of love, respect and feeding it good nutrition, all aspects of your life can change for the better.

Lea is the Founder of Beyond Measure Nutrition, and a Registered Operating Room Nurse living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 

Throughout her early childhood, teens, and twenties, she flopped back and forth between overweight and obese. 

From the age of 8, she tried many diets and was at war with her body. 

In 2011, my father suddenly passed away. Amongst the grief, I asked myself, “How can I honour him?” 

I knew I had some lifestyle changes to make, and this time, they had to be about HEALTH. 

In 2019, she set out to create further hormonal balance, and level up my health even further, learning a ton in the process. 

By focusing on what I believe are absolute foundational, yet rarely practiced routines, I was able to sign up my food and carbohydrate intake, put on muscle mass, boost my metabolism, and lose an additional 25lbs of body fat in less than a year. 

 Most importantly, I FEEL fantastic. I LOVE supporting and uplifting other women. More than anything, I want you to wake up FEELING fantastic and have the energy to LIVE your life! I’m known for being “honest all the time, with compassion”. 

Often, when someone challenges our current way of thinking it can be uncomfortable, and it may even push a few buttons, but AMAZING growth and change can come from that, and there’s nothing better than watching someone grow into the best, happiest, most empowered version of themselves.

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