Entrust Equipping Leaders
What's an effective way to launch a disciple-making movement?
November 10, 2023
You want to disicple others who will disciple others. Where do you start? Entrust's Iberan Project team is discovering some answers. Answers likely to apply anywhere in the world
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Todd Randall [00:00:02]: Welcome back to Entrust Equipping Leaders. Laurie’s guests once again are Dámaris Zafra, Joshua Sanchez, Kelsey Rose, and Sheila Bader. 
Laurie Lind [00:00:17]: Thank you, Todd. And, yes, welcome back again to Entrust Equipping Leaders. I'm Laurie. And today is a special episode. As I've been editing the interview that I conducted with the 4 colleagues who serve the Lord in the Spanish speaking world through Entrust, I really had enough left that I didn't wanna leave on the cutting room floor, and I think will be encouraging to you. So we're going to start out today with a little bit more interaction with those 4 guests who you heard on the previous 2 episodes, Dámaris, Kelsey, Sheila, and Joshua. And then a little extra information from Sheila including the prayer that Joshua prays for the Spanish speaking world in Spanish and then Sheila translating it for us into English, so we can pray along, those of us who know English better than Spanish. So that's what lies ahead. 
Laurie Lind [00:01:16]: We'll pick up with the interview with the Iberian team, and then we'll jump over to Sheila. How do you see the Entrust training impacting, you know, Christian leaders in Spain? Or how do Christian leaders, like pastors, how do they perceive what you're doing? How does it all fit together with the whole realm of leadership training in Spain? 
Dámaris Zafra [00:01:44]: Most of the pastors are in another kind of generation. We've seen that it has been a change also with them that they are realizing the need of making disciples and getting trained. But it has been a challenge to introduce the training to them because it's like, okay. What else? It's something else that we've got to do. So it has been a real challenge to, okay.,This is not only another tool. It's something that can fully transform the church, and that has been a challenge up to now. So some pastors has taken the training. Most of people who has taken the training is just people from church who wants to train others and who wants to be discipling others. 
Dámaris Zafra [00:02:35]: And this is, I think, why we put so much input and effort and we're talking all the time about discipling because it's, I think in Spain, we're more focused on let's train all the people in the church and not only pastors. 
Kelsey Rose [00:02:52]: Right. And in this stage, we are focusing a lot on training lay people, training anyone in the church who is willing to step up and take advantage of the training, the opportunity to learn how to better make disciples and go deeper with others to facilitate profound spiritual conversations. So as we're doing that, our hope, our dream, our prayer is that the leaders in the church currently, will catch on, and they'll see how God is using the training to change the lives of many others so that they will realize the need for the training. Yeah. Because right now, a lot of the current pastors, leaders just see it as another training and are a little distrustful. So that is a barrier that we have to work to break down. But, yeah, at least in in our congregation, what seems to be working is training others and letting them loose to go make disciples, and, the other leaders in the church are watching. So it's really fun to see. 
Dámaris Zafra [00:03:56]: Because the pastors in Spain, most of them has 2 jobs. They need to work in a secular job to in order to to live, and then they are pastors of the congregation with a lot of things going on. You know? So, it's okay. It's a 40 hours training, but what is the value for me on doing that? Do I need to spend 40 hours on a training to do something that I've been doing all my life? So, actually, when they do the training, they realize, okay, that's something different here. But, until they do the training is the difficult part to get them excited to take a training. So, what is helping us is just sharing with the with the church and that they will be able to see the benefits of taking it. 
Laurie Lind [00:04:45]: What else do you has come into your mind that you would like to say about disciple making in Spanish culture or Entrust or your thoughts about any of those things, anything else you'd like to add? 
Kelsey Rose [00:05:00]: I would add that we would love for anyone listening to take a moment to pray for us, to pray for Spain, because there's a lot of spiritual warfare, a lot of spiritual resistance, a lot of, difficulties that this team has to go against to Break down those barriers that we've been talking about. So if you could take moment just a few moments to pray for us, we would greatly appreciate it. 
Laurie Lind [00:05:28]:  in fact, we’ll  maybe conclude this call with a prayer. I do want to add that, Joshua was born in Ecuador, and Sheila is going there soon and has is part of a new training that's underway or relatively new efforts in Ecuador among some people there both online and in person. So just briefly, Sheila, can you tell us how that's going and how it's being received? 
Sheila Bader [00:05:52]: It's going great. This is the second module that Entrust offers. So last year, they did the first one facilitated relational learning, and It went over very well, and so this is pretty much the same group of people who are, doing the second module, and they're looking for and longing for ways to get men in the churches involved in this too because this has been all women. But after their first, session last year, that was their question was, how can we get how can we get men involved in this? So That's another prayer request, just that God would raise up Spanish speaking men to help with the trainings too. 
Laurie Lind [00:06:36]: May I ask you, Joshua? Would you pray as we conclude our time and and certainly just pray in Spanish for these things. 
Sheila Bader [00:06:58]: Father, thank you for Entrust. Thank you for raising up people who in their hearts have the desire to serve your church to propel discipleship forward. Thank you, God, that you continue waking our hearts up to fulfill your mission of going and preaching the gospel to all nations, teaching each one to follow the things you've taught us. Help us. Help us to continue touching the hearts of others so that they realize their need to be discipled. Help us to be sensitive to others. We ask you also for the church in Spain that you continue waking it up as you have been up till now. The believers in Spain will recognize their need to disciple others, including their own need for spiritual growth. 
Sheila Bader [00:07:48]: Help us to be an effective tool for the church in Spain, helping to form those who want to grow, To help grow the churches, Lord, so that believers can be like Jesus. I ask you also for Sheila, Lord, for her work with the believers in Ecuador that they can also see how you strengthen them, how you give them the capacities to disciple others, that they can see how you keep the church alive and fulfilling your mission in this world. Thank you, lord, for continuing to guide us. In the name of Jesus, Amen. 
Laurie Lind [00:08:25]: Thank you so much for listening to this special short episode of Entrust Equipping Leaders. Please continue to praise God for what appears to be revival breaking out across Spain. Keep praying for Spain, For the Iberian Peninsula, for Ecuador, and all of Latin America, and pray for our little fledgling team and their zeal and for wisdom for them as they go forward in bringing discipleship training to the churches of Iberia. To learn more about the team and their vision, go to entrust4.org/iberiaproject. That's Entrust, entrust, the number 4, dot org/iberiaproject. I'm Laurie Lind, and I'll see you again right here next time.