Beyond Curious ™ (formerly 7-Figure Millennials)
#157: How Spending $30K “Taking A Year ON”, Managing a $2M Fund In College, & Throwing High School Parties With AP Math Students and Jocks Led To Building A Company That Is Changing The World w/ Maxine Cunningham
October 17, 2023
Today’s guest is the definition of what it means to be beyond curious. - In high school, she was an athlete (basketball, badminton, golf), math nerd, artist, and scientist - In college, she had so many classes she wanted to take that she got special permission from the dean to take 7 courses instead of 5 - She eventually landed on finance, where she was one of twelve students selected to run a $2M fund for the university - Finance wasn’t enough, so she also got a masters degree in economics - Eventually she left her job in economics, spent $30K taking a year “ON” creating her own college curriculum, and launched her own startup company that ACTUALLY combines everything she’s interested in (which is everything) Maxine Cunningham is the founder of Pick My Brain and she is on a mission to kickstart the global knowledge economy. Think Amazon, but instead of products… it’s knowledge from the world’s people. The minute Max and I met (Thank you SO much Jem Fuller!) we became DEAR friends and we are already starting to work on some epic projects together. So I’m BEYOND excited for you to listen to this one… Max will be back FOR SURE. To learn more about Max, visit