4 Ways to Get New Clients This Month
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
4 Ways to Get New Clients This Month
August 2, 2023
In this episode of the Safety Consultant podcast, the host, Sheldon Primus, shares updates and gratitude for the growing listener base. He thanks his audience and talks about the different countries from where the podcast has gained popularity. Sheldon reveals that the show has reached a significant milestone with 6,000 downloads in the past month. He goes on to mention the top ten countries where his podcast is most popular, including the US, Thailand, France, and others. Sheldon also discusses his rankings in Apple Podcasts for various countries, showing appreciation for the support from listeners around the world. Sheldon then shifts the focus to the content of the podcast, emphasizing that he aims to help aspiring safety consultants build their businesses. He shares insights on how to get clients and grow their consulting services. He advises reaching out to friends and family who own businesses and approaching local safety and health associations for partnerships. Sheldon also encourages hosting own events and webinars to gain visibility and build an email list, a crucial asset for any business. He shares tips and resources for those interested in self-funding their consulting businesses and suggests seeking marketing assistance to ease the promotional workload. Throughout the episode, Sheldon maintains an upbeat and enthusiastic tone, expressing his genuine passion for helping safety consultants succeed. He provides actionable advice and hints at the valuable content available in previous episodes of the podcast. Overall, the episode is an informative and motivating session for anyone interested in safety consulting and building a successful business in the field. 4 Quicks way to get a new client: As a safety and health consultant, you will need to continuously promote yourself for here are 4 ways to quickly get a new client. 1. Family and Friends 2. Networking through chamber of commerce or business association meetings 3. Partner with a local safety council 4. Host your own event
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[00:00:13] Sheldon Primus: Welcome to the Safety Consultant podcast. I am your host, Sheldon Primus. This is the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. We talk about OSHA compliance, we talk about a bunch of other stuff and so we just have some fun sometimes, don't we? That's the key. Well, I'd like to thank everybody for listening. I want to thank especially, yeah, we've got like a, I got a list from chartable and this is chartable.com and it's telling me what the safety consultant podcast list is coming. And uh you know what, I'm also gonna look up, uh I've got two services that I use for this. One is chartable and one is bCast, and uh the other bCast service tells me a little bit more details about um who is listening and that's what we're gonna do now, I'm gonna tell you who is listening, some of your friends that you shared this podcast with. Those are the people that I'll tell you about right now. So everyone, thank you for listening to the Safety Consultant podcast and I am truly just blessed. I feel really good that uh the podcast has been picking up and a lot of people have been listening. I know I've been doing it for a while, but you guys know me, I'm an active safety consultant, so therefore I, I'm not as consistent as I would like to be. Mondays are the times I really like to get the podcast out, uh sometimes that does not happen. It's not one of those things that I really like, but I have to take care of my clients, right? And that's what we do as safety consultants and we're here for, for them, we gotta take care of them. 

All right. So now I've got some of the listeners. So right now and uh this past month we had, let's see, 6000 downloads. Thank you, everybody for downloading. Uh Let's tell you where everybody is located. So, from the US, Thailand, France, Netherlands, Bahrain, Ireland, UK, Germany, Canada and Malaysia. Those are the top 10 listeners of the show according to bCast, which I'm using as the people that will produce this podcast and host it. Uh Then after them in, starting with the number 11 is Belgium, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Finland, Qatar. Uh Let's see. Oops, sorry, that should be Qatar, my bad. Uh Chechnya, Norway, Japan, Egypt, Italy, and Sweden. That's awesome. You guys all rock. Thank you so much. All right. So let's tell you about a couple of the things that I do have. And, uh, oh, meaning like podcast stuff, and I'm thanking people. So I'm thinking uh right now I am ranked in Apple podcast in South Korea government at 109. Thank you people in South Korea. Uh Saudi Arabia, thank you for having me on podcast. I'm at 111 over there, up two, so, excellent. Thank you. Uh Chile, I am 32 in the government ranking, thank you. Senegal, I'm also 32. You guys Rock. Thank you so much. Man, it's been a while since I've been on Africa's continent. I really need to go back. I I kind of miss it, been drawn to it. 

Uh Anyway, uh US government reach for chartable. I am now 101, so excellent. And global government reach, I am 109. So you guys rock, just keep sharing the show. I'm one of these people, I'm self funding, but actually this year I act, I think um I, I think I'm gonna open it up to some sponsors. So if you want to tell me what you guys are interested in, what would help you? Uh You go to the safety consultant podcast dot com. Once you get there, uh you're gonna look for the mic icon, select the mic icon and then you could just talk to me and just tell me exactly uh what you're, what you're thinking, what kind of services will help you and you need some help and you think if I grab this sponsor, this sponsor will be good for you. So everyone else who's listening, that just means that you're gonna end up having to be ready for some sponsor ads that are not just, uh, me promoting my, my, myself and my programs and my courses and everything else. Um, and just see, do my best to, to give you guys some variety, some stuff that's gonna help you with your business. And so that's my uh that is my goal to you gonna do it this year. So send me a message. Sheldon. Oh, excuse me, you're going to safetyconsultantpodcast.com you're gonna look for the microphone icon, select a microphone icon, you could talk to me about the show, you could talk to me like the conversation we just had uh sponsors that you believe will help me, help the show, help you with your business because I'm here for you guys. So just go ahead and let me know. I am a team, team player. Yes, I am. All right. Sorry, I'll get back to the show. Assume you guys uh falling out over there because I haven't talked about safety consulting. My bad, need to step up on it. All right, wake up. I love this board. Oh yes. Ok. I'm sorry, you guys. I'll, I'll just just slap me in the face. Get ready Sheldon. Stop it. Ok? 

[00:06:17] So this week what I'm gonna talk to you about seriously is uh I've been thinking about a couple of things. And, uh, one thing that I've been thinking about is there's a lot of people who have been reaching out to me lately about, uh, some of the things that I mentioned elementary when I first got started with safety consulting. So a lot of that is like, uh how to build your client list. Um, uh, what do you do as far as services and charging and everything else? So I refer back to earlier episodes and for those of you that have those questions, I've gotten a lot of early episodes, uh, about that, I've been doing this for a while. So where like episodes two something. I would go into, uh, actually the first seven episodes that I did was basically taking a chapter from my book, Seven Steps of Starting a Profitable Safety Consulting Business. And that's really the first few episodes is me going through those steps, and that's where you're gonna get that information. So for those of you that are just starting, you may have to go back to some of my first year stuff. Uh, I am going to keep updating some stuff and you'll see a thread as you go through the podcast list that I do deal a lot with foundational things to get you started with your business. It’s gonna be one of those things because I've been getting questions a lot. 

So here's one of the things that I'm going to uh just mentioned is uh how to get clients. So first you're gonna look for friends and families. Uh Anyone that has a business, literally, if they have a business and it's regulated under your country's regulation, then you have an in. Now I'm starting with regulation because not everyone's gonna think about safety compliance. Uh Excuse me, safety culture yet. The culture is when your organization is more advanced and you're thinking that this is better for us all as an organization to think about safety and health individually. So now that is going to be what I would consider uh the typical safety and health thought process for more companies and uh for advanced companies, I should say. Uh, is that we do this because it's just what we do. Most of us are gonna be starting with companies who barely want to keep their workers safe, they just want to get stuff done. So you're gonna see things that look a mess and, and uh literally, it may take you walking around a few areas and, and like knocking on doors, that's the old fashioned way. Uh But it may be, in your country, it's just more um it seemed more uh professional that way. Uh So I don't want to give my western view of what's easier and what's more uh particularly will work more with your, your organization or, or your country. Excuse me. So the other thing I would think of is start with a partner too. So literally see who's doing what you're thinking of, safety and health, and usually it's gonna be a safety and health association of some sort. Uh, local associations are awesome. You talk to them, uh, the marketing person is probably the person you're gonna want to talk to, let them know that you're a safety consultant. You could do some training because training is the best way to get your foot into anybody's uh door is in the, in the business. And uh you get your training, you could look around, you start seeing when there's a need and then you could either provide free uh review of a, a written program. Once you get your foot in the door through training, you review the programs and you're always gonna find something wrong. I, I always do, alright? So that's another way to get clients. 

Here's another way to get clients, host your own event. You could do it. Um If you need help with hosting platforms, I have platforms that I literally, I have so many that I have licenses that I'm not using right now for helping people with, you know, putting out themselves and doing their own events. One of the things I have is Eventee right now. So, you know, come to me, send me a message sheldon@sheldonprimus.com. Uh And of course, it's limited. I don't have one for every person that listens to the show. Uh So I only have one of each one of these services such as Eventee, which uh it will host you could do your own podcast, excuse me, your own webinar, your own events in multi-day events, you could have many different rooms virtually. Uh So it's one of those services, you could do something like that. You host your own event, uh what I used to do is I used to go to the Chamber of Commerce of my local area. They're always looking to sell um, event and meeting spaces. So I'll get a meeting space at my local Chamber of Commerce. It's all the business people are going to meet there anyway. So at that point, I partner with the Chamber of Commerce for the actual course, I can make it free through the chambers for the chamber members and I'm getting their list. I'm getting their name that's gonna start that list for me. And then once I get that name, then, uh I'll be able to, you know, get going because you're, you're gonna need any kind of, uh list. That's what everyone calls it, The List and it's your email list to keep yourself present and top of mind of people, you need that list to level up your business. All right, I had to set that one up so I could do level up and hit that sound. Uh That's just me. Anyway, you have to do it. So do it in the best, easiest way as possible. And that's going to be partnering with somebody who's going to promote you, you get them in, into um your event and you're hosting this event and you're paying there, some people are paying and some people could be free because, you know, if we're saying that chamber members are free, that means that there should be some sort of pay wall to make the chamber members feel like they're getting a discount. If it's free for everybody, then you know, it's, they're not gonna show up. So you might want to do, you know, this is a permit required confined space entry class that I'm hosting myself in the Chamber of Commerce, you know, meeting room A. So at that point, it's free for the chamber members, but everyone else is gonna have to pay uh 150 to get in, USD, for the four hour class or the two hour class. So at that point, you now could show that this is a value of X amount of dollars to the members of the Chamber of Commerce. They're gonna start pushing people into that meeting room because they now are giving value extra than their members are already getting. So at that point, they now are, are, are promoting you. So that's one of the things that you could do. You get a list, get an email list if you want to the old school in the back of the room, you could have of a sign up sheet for your email list with name, first name, last name, email. Uh That's really what you need. If you want to be more specific, you could go first name, last name, email and then one line that says industry. So, you know, you're not gonna send your general industry stuff to someone who cares about maritime or agriculture stuff to someone who cares about, you know, um construction. You'll be able to, to differentiate that way, so it makes your form smarter from the beginning. All right. 

So you could uh first, friends and family. Uh second, you're going to uh reach out to your local uh community, whatever group that has people who are decision makers that meet up on a regular basis. You want to be part of that group. Uh And then host your own thing, do your own thing, man. You got this, you can do your own thing if you need some help and some resources again, email me sheldon@sheldonprimus.com. I've got resources uh that uh some, I have licenses to add as a team. So I'll, I'll just put you on as a team member. Uh Some of them I'm actually selling so you could have a lifetime membership or ownership of a product that could help you do your own services. But again, limited quantity just got one. So get a hold of me uh if you're something that you wanna do? Alright. 

Alright gang. Uh So honestly, I didn't want to go too hog wild with everything here. I wanted you guys to really just kind of think about um how are you gonna promote yourself, promote your business? Um It's not too hard. The thing is you gotta do it. You're always in promotion mode, you're always in business mode. Unless you wanna hit the, the easy button. That easy button would be getting yourself and paying for someone who's gonna be your marketer and then they'll do that for you and you just got to show up and they'll have a schedule. That's the easy button. But you have to find that through someone that upworks or something similar. I've never done it. I'm thinking of it to tell you the truth, but you know, it's up to you. It's your business, right? So you do the best. So everybody, you got this. Go get him. 

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