The 6 Key Principles of Sales with Joey Gilkey, CEO of Apex Revenue
The Revenue Insights Podcast
The 6 Key Principles of Sales with Joey Gilkey, CEO of Apex Revenue
June 22, 2023
In this episode of the Revenue Insights Podcast, host Lee Bierton is joined by Joey Gilkey, CEO at Apex Revenue, a sales partner firm that helps established B2B companies ramp their sales outcomes by realigning four key sales processes, message market fit, sales strategy, hiring and training, and leading. In this episode, we focus on doing sales right by removing the chaff and looking at the real drivers of sales outcomes. Joey shares his insights on pivoting from product-market fit to message-market fit; aligning your sales strategy with client needs; turning the 80/20 sales team performance on its head; and why we need visionary leaders to drive sales outcomes. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Joey Gilkey is a serial founder and entrepreneur with multiple high-value exits behind him. He is the CEO of Apex Revenue which operates as a fractional VP of Sales to ramp sales results at established B2B companies. He is an innovative thought leader because he thinks outside of the box, strips away what’s superfluous, and focuses on the core drivers of sales outcomes. Joey believes that with the evolution of technology and processes, companies have added multiple layers over the core processes hence losing sight of what counts.

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