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Side Business Tips - Money traps to avoid
May 1, 2023
In this episode Shandra share's with you some thoughts and ideas around one of the core pillars of business growth and success which is Money… Not everyone feels super comfortable talking about Money, but it's incredibly important - especially for women starting and growing their own business.
Have you seen the Netflix show, 'How to be Rich'?

It's a great exploration of a range of people's relationship with money and what a 'Rich' life looks like to them. 

Money is such a tricky subject for many women and it can be very triggering, but it is an important topic to explore, especially if you are going to be growing your own business.

In this podcast episode Shandra shares:

Like it or not, Money is one of the core pillars of business so if you want to create a rich life on your own terms then you've got to make friends with the money side.

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Here's to being your own boss!