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Debra Bruce - Light Language
April 15, 2023
Ahonu & Aingeal Rose interview Debra Bruce about Light Language revealed from her dark night of the soul. #awareness #lightlanguage #darknight #soul #nightterror #childhooddreams #alienencounter #5thdimension #ascension
Ahonu & Aingeal Rose interview Debra Bruce about her ability to speak Light Language revealed from her dark night of the soul.

I am Ahonu, and on behalf of Aingeal Rose, welcome to this interview with Debra Bruce, speaker of Light Language. Debra had a dark night of the soul a long time ago, and it shaped the rest of her life. Indeed, at age five, she had encounters with reptiles on the walls of her bedroom, and at age 16, she witnessed alien aircraft. At age 17, she was asking the kinds of questions that most don't ask until they're much older, and that was, Is this all there is? Clearly, she is tapped in.

Debra has a profound message for everybody. That message from the light will be revealed at the end of the interview.

Debra Bruce: I went through the Dark Night of the Soul for three years. It was terrible. It started then when I started like, oh, I mean, all the way into town and back, and then the Light Language started. And I didn't really know if that's what it was or not. I didn't know. But it's been, oh my gosh, probably like five years, I've been doing it. It doesn't always come, but sometimes it just comes when I'm listening to something or it just comes. I don't have to do anything special. It just comes out.

Ahonu: Do you feel the Light Language through your body or is it in your mind or is it in your soul? Can you describe how it comes?

Debra: I don't know. I don't know how to describe it. It just comes. It just flows. I don't really know. It's not in my brain. It just comes out. I think it's from the universal consciousness, is what I think.

Ahonu: When you say it just comes out, does it come out physically? Does it come out via tones or in your voice?

Debra: Just words. Words. I don't do hand gestures. Some people do hand gestures, but I don't do that. The Light Language doesn't come out like that. It's been changing over time. So it's weird.

Ahonu: Explain?

Debra: It's becoming more complex, just different sounds. Sometimes it's chop chop, kind of like that. I don't know where that comes from. I just got goosebumps.

Ahonu: Do you hear it? Is that the way it comes in? Are you hearing it or is it just forming?

Debra: The Light Language just comes out of my mouth. I don't see it. It just comes out. I wonder if I'm talking to somebody when it starts coming out.

Ahonu: Do you understand what it means or what it's saying?

Debra: No, I have no idea. I just know sometimes when I'm listening to spiritual videos, it seems it comes in response to what I'm listening to. I don't know. That's why I don't know what to do with it. I just don't know what is going on.

Ahonu: Well, we're very respectful of it because there is another friend of ours who speaks what she calls Dolphinspeak, and like what you were describing, she says it just comes out of her. It sounds like a squeaky-Dolphin type language, and she also says that she doesn't understand exactly what it's saying, except that she feels it's very loving.

Debra: Yeah, I feel a lot of love coming through. I got goosebumps again just talking about it.

Aingeal Rose: I was reminding Ahonu we have another friend in Prescott who is actually a healer, and she does her healing through light language. Her whole thing is almost like psychic surgery, but she'll get these light language sounds while she's working on you. I think she teaches how to do light language.

Debra: I was learning a type of healing called Alchemical Healing by Nikki Stolle, who lives in Eugene, OR. That worked really well for me. I learned how to do energy balls and I really like doing that. I've done a lot of healing work, too, so maybe there's some correlation there. But I've been experiencing things since I was five.

Ahonu: Can you tell us a bit about your background, your history, your career?

Debra: For one thing, I have very little religious programming, very little. When people talk about the Bible, I have no idea what they're talking about. I tried to study the Bible. I just can't do it. It doesn't make sense to me. But when I was five, (my sister also experienced this), we got alligators under our beds, and there was murky, murky water underneath our twin beds. I'd stand up on the bed and looked down. I could still see it. I wasn't scared. They were just like, ground. I was wondering if there was some connection to the Egypt there. I don't know. But I've got a little interest in Egyptian things, but I don't really have a strong connection there.

And then a big dragon would come on the wall. It was like 2D, but it was breathing fire. I was telling my dad one night, (he was studying for his MBA), and I went out there and told him about it. He was like, no, just don't worry about it. But I never forgot those two things when I was five.

Then when I was 16, I saw my first UFO. My boyfriend and I were driving along. Other people saw it too because everybody stopped alongside the road like, Whoa, and it just zoomed out of the sky. It was like hovering and then zoom.

Ahonu: But there was no contact with you guys. You just saw it. You witnessed it?

Debra: I just saw it. I had similar experience when I had my farm. I was on a little mountain about 1200 feet up and at night, I saw these circular lights. They were individual craft and there were maybe five or six of them in a circle, and they were taking turns, blinking at each other.

Aingeal Rose: How close are you to Crater Lake?

Debra: My farm was down in Southern Oregon, in Oakland, right by Rosenberg, Douglas County, so it's a straight shot over there, but I don't know, maybe 30 miles.

Aingeal Rose: Are you aware of the UFO activity at Crater Lake?

Debra: No, but it doesn't surprise me.

Aingeal Rose: Yeah, it's been reported for a long time. Missing people, first of all, and then seeing ships go under the lake water and come back out from the water. Yes, but there's a lot of ET activity over there, and also around Mount Shasta.

Debra: I just love Mount Shasta. I could live over there. But I don't want to... ugh, California - Oregon is bad enough.

Ahonu: Do you think that there's some connection, Debra, between your witnessing these alien ships and the reptiles you mentioned? Do you think that there's some connection between that ability to see those or to witness that and the light language that you encountered later in life?

Debra: I think everything, all my experiences are related. When I was 17, I remember saying, "Is this all there is?" That's when I started astral projecting. I didn't know what it was. I just did it. I did it up until the time when I got pregnant. Then I was like, Whoa, I don't want to do this when I'm pregnant. It just freaked me out. When I went to university, a lot of these experiences are always the observer and the participant at the same time. It's like multi dimensional, I guess.

I was modeling for the sculpture department in art school and I remember standing on the podium, and I always had my dog with me, too. The ceilings were tall, very tall, so I could see myself flying around, but I could also look down on myself, seeing myself standing there. I do that a lot, participant and observer, and my dog was looking up. She saw me. I was like, Oh, this is insane.

I did a lot of that. And when I was going to grad school, I was driving 45 minutes down the highway (so it was very hypnotic) and I could see myself driving from above, and then I could see myself up there looking down. Then I could experience things like a problem I was working on in the studio and I solved the problem, and I didn't want to create it in the physical. So I was like, Why? Because I think, Why do I want to do it again? So I have a lot of those experiences that just pop in and leave lasting impressions on me.

Ahonu: People are more open to accept these kinds of things now and talk about them, but at that time, did you find it difficult to share those experiences?

Debra: Yeah, I couldn't tell anybody. It became absolutely crazy. It was in my mind, and I didn't tell anybody until later on. My husband (who left me and then passed,) told me all kinds of things spiritually because he was channeling stuff. After he went to a workshop with Ewin Energetics, he did a three-day workshop. That was maybe 15 years ago, and he came back from that just channeling. I mean, this information was coming. It was amazing.

He told me he had 54 lifetimes with my one daughter. My other one, I never had a lifetime with. My niece, I've had lifetimes with. Then he told me that I was an angel in the Middle East during dream time, working with people, helping people. It was like there was a war going on. I don't know what it was then because that was a long time ago, but yeah, he shared all kinds of amazing information. He also confirmed some of the things I would see.

I'd see some past lives, which I really think are current lives. I don't think there's past lives because that's a time thing and we don't have time. Time is always now. I saw one past life way back dancing around with a big skirt on. I was around the mountains and all this stone. That's all I remember from that.

Another time, it was Liberia and I was in a hooded robe without any hair, but with two other people. We were in a cave looking out. That's all I remember.

Then another time was when I was being hung for being a wise woman. My husband turned me in and my two daughters also got hung. I remember it really clearly. But those are just little snippets that I've seen and remembered.

Ahonu: Would you be brave enough to go into a hypnotic state and explore those?

Debra: Oh, yeah. I just couldn't afford to pay anybody.

Ahonu: Have you ever written these things down, Debra?

Debra: Yeah, I have. In fact, I have several journals, and then I wrote it down again before I got with you so that I could remember it and be clear with it. I've seen different energies. The chair of my graduate committee, he passed away and I saw him at my mom's house. My mom saw him, too. He was walking across the doorway like a shadowy jack. Such a sweet guy.

My mom saw things, too. She would see people. She would see accidents, and then she'd be driving and then she'd see people laying on the road from accident. She's like, I can't do this anymore, so she stopped. But I talked to my mom about this stuff.

Ahonu: The reason I'm asking you about writing things down is because we've published a lot of books and indeed, we write a lot of spiritual type books ourselves and we publish books for others who are in that spiritual awareness. I wonder, do you think that if you wrote it down and published it, that it would be of help to somebody else?

Debra: Anything that's written down and people can read it is going to help somebody. You never know who it will help.

Ahonu: That's my point, because I think there are a lot of people who have these abilities and these awarenesses, but they may feel, like you said earlier, that people would laugh at them or they think they're crazy or attempt to lock them up, or discredit them in some way. But yet, it releases them from their own mental prison when they know somebody else has had such an experience. It allows for them to open up and share more. Aingeal Rose is a great advocate of journaling.

Debra: I have a lot of journals. I've got a whole bunch of books and I also do collages for that, too. Yeah, because I have a Masters in Fine Arts, so it's my passion, and then I also I worked in Mental Health. I worked with people that were locked up, basically. They were committed. I worked in the facility where most of them were schizophrenic, and I could see how they were pulling stuff from the universe, and I think they weren't really crazy. I think they were seeing stuff like I was seeing stuff.

Ahonu: Are you open to people contacting you for help or for advice about what you're experiencing?

Debra: Yeah. I do try to help people. I have one friend who lives in Portland. We're the people who have each other. That's all we have to talk about this stuff. He has different experiences, of course.

Ahonu: But what I mean is you don't practice as a counselor or a therapist or a coach or anything like that.

Debra: No, I thought about doing that. I guess I'm just more private, but then I talk about it too, so I'm not really that private.

Ahonu: Here's a question for you now, and I don't mean to put you on the spot, but is it possible for you to give us an experience of that light language?

Debra: I always keep it to myself because I feel embarrassed. I don't know why that is.

Ahonu: Don't do it if it's not comfortable. I'm not trying to embarrass you. I really would love to have an experience of it myself.

Debra: One thing I want to say before I do that is I was taking some classes with Penny Kelly and I just love her. Who doesn't love her? She's so great. But I took a few classes from her. I wanted to get through some of the classes so I could get through to the good stuff. I told her about my experience with an energy that comes in on my left side that looks similar to me, but not the same. She started coming in, sitting in a square, or a rectangle, like a box almost. She was hanging out of it. Just so much love coming out. It started getting smaller and smaller and smaller. I told Penny about that. She's like, You're integrating with your higher self. I'm like, What does that mean? I have no idea. The body doesn't feel like that.

Right now, I'm manifesting a new place, my permanent place for my forever home. I'm manifesting that - I don't like to say working on it. I'm not creating it because that would be new. I am manifesting it. So, I keep seeing a woman... I think it's another aspect of myself, and she waves to me. I wave back to her, and then I keep going on with the visualization and the feelings and all the people in the manifestation, the people that are enjoying my manifestation and all the love and the laughter and we're sharing vegetables and all kinds of stuff. Oh, I just got goosebumps again, but it's weird that I see her in there and she always waves to me.

Ahonu: Was that recent, as a matter of interest, when you spoke to Penny Kelly about that?

Debra: A couple of years ago. Yeah.

Ahonu: Well, the reason I'm asking you is because I'm sure you're aware there appears to be a speeding up of those integrations now. So I wouldn't be surprised if your manifestations would be happening a lot faster now.

Debra: Yeah. I'm working with a group called the Mastermind Connection. Do you know about them?

Ahonu: No.

Debra: That's Aage Nost. He's from Finland and he's lived in the United States for many, many years now. He was a pilot. He manifested his way from Finland to the United States to go into flight school. He manifested a lot of things. He's a really interesting person. We have three different groups every week. I've been following his recipe for manifesting. It's really interesting.

They're called broadcast team Alpha. It's Aage Nost and his business partner, Nory Lowe. He wrote a book that I've been reading that, Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking. Another channel is called Watchers Talk. They're reading the book like a chapter every few days, and Aage's there to answer any questions. It's really interesting. I've been going along, cos it's almost like a study guide, almost. I really like it.

Ahonu: The Dark Night of the Soul you mentioned, tell us about that.

Debra: Everybody has difficult times in their lives, but this was like to the nth degree. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. When I saw my mom pass, she transitioned and she comes to visit me sometimes. I bought a property with the inheritance. It was just a piece of land on that little mountain in Southern Oregon. So I had to put up a barn and a quick cabin, but that didn't work out. I'm living in my trailer, but I couldn't find a job - I was not quite 60, I'm going to be 67 soon but at that time I couldn't find a job, and so I couldn't retire yet because it was too early, and then when I did, I had $59. Oh, my gosh. I can't live on that. It was really difficult.

I felt like so many roadblocks were in the way, just really intense things. I had no electricity and so then I could barely get any cell coverage because I was pretty much out of the EMG space. I think that really accelerated things because I had no electrical interference or cell tower interference. I was five miles away from the cell towers, so I think that really helped things.

I had so many experiences with hummingbirds at the property. They would come to me, fly right in front of my face, inches away from me, just hanging there, and I had no flowers on the property. There was nothing for them to eat there, or to get nectar from. Then dragonflies, too, came around me, going around in circles, and I would sit out and just tell them how beautiful they were. The dog'll do the same thing around me.

Ahonu: Maybe the humming birds were getting nectar from your very essence, your energy, or your Light Language?

Debra: I lived in Portland for 15 years. I lived on the fifth floor and I'd be sitting out my window hanging out and there was a tree right there. Hummingbird would come up the 5 stories to just hover there and look at me. That's the experience I had. I loved it. It was incredible. So, that's happened a lot.

Yeah, and I was driving from Chicago, that's where my mom was, from Chicago back to Oregon, and I stopped at the interstate and there was all these cattle out in the field. I don't know why, I just felt like I needed to stop and talk to them. I'm like, Okay, I just go with things, I just go with the flow, so I stopped and they were really far, but I was telling them how beautiful they were. So they started walking toward me. I went to the truck to get my phone so I could take pictures of them and they all came up really close. They just seemed like there was so much love coming from them. I don't know. I just do stuff like that and it really affects me, incredible experiences that happen.

Ahonu: When you mentioned about your experience in art school and your love of art, do you ever attempt to draw or paint these experiences, or what Light Language looks like?

Debra: Yeah. I've drawn a few things of me like flying my arms out, super long hair, just flying. Also, Archangel Michael came to me once. I don't know anything about him, I wasn't religious, so I had no idea what he did, but he told me, I'll protect you, because there was something going on. There was a lot of white workers getting attacked, energetically. So he said, I will protect you. You are safe. I guess I was concerned. I don't remember really.

But I laid down and he was like at my feet and this bright light, I mean, the light was incredible. It was like a column and it came down and I drew that. Oh, I've got goosebumps. Also I see the auras of the trees. I see just white light directly. I've had that experience for so long, probably 20 years. And then, one time on my property, I looked up, the trees had words written up to the sky, all these words. So I drew that on my piece. Where did that come from? I have no idea.

Ahonu: Would you be willing to share those pictures with us? Are you able to send them as an attachment or something that we could take a look?

Debra: Yeah, I think I've got them all photographed. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I have all pictures of all of them. I also like when I was doing my graduate work, my MFA, my thesis was a continuous narrative. In my studio, I had seven panels. They were eight feet long, four feet wide, all connected together. There was one that was 30 feet, one was 36 feet or something like that and when I was drawing them, it felt very meditative. Energy was coming through me and out onto the wood panel I built, aAnd so I drew souls flying out of a fire because I was reading about the Wyoming fire back in the '40s. There was all these fire fighters who explained what fire is; like a monster and just incredible. It just all just started to come out, and I was drawing these souls flying out of the fire.

I did a lot of it. Children will draw, put black crayon, and then they'll put other colors on top and then scrape through. I did a lot of that. I don't know where that came from. It just happened. It was very meditative when I was doing that work. It just felt like it was flowing right through me.

Ahonu: You have animals there? You have cats?

Debra: My boy, he's a Rough Collie. His brother is here also.

Ahonu: What about the unconditional love from animals like that? Tell us about that.

Debra: It's an intense feeling. I get that a lot from these guys. Yeah.

Ahonu: I know that anybody listening to us would love to hear the light language. Are you up for it?

Debra: Yeah, I think so.

Ashi kitanes, ina itty itty kar. Oine ne n a ki ky ca n.Yu vo el bin n yor tsi, in tsi twan.Tha elta, that elta, By ini sh etl yo on tse,thabek calle ode mey, mey, mey.Ilk ya kou mid de da, itzak alle etown in may se tode y,tha pleo et elgo ey wold rt dmrt he dodsya, Oh, ta shool dnat b emre a kup. Mer oreed oya.

Ahonu: Wow, I say.

Debra: I never know what's going to come.

Ahonu: Oh, my God. Aingeal Rose remarked that your Light Language sounds ancient.

Debra: It does. A little bit of Native American with other stuff thrown in. I know my husband was channeling an Indian Chief when we were drumming. I remember that.

Ahonu: Some languages are nicer to listen to. They say the French language is beautiful to listen to, the Italian lovely, and other languages are harsh and coarse, like German is harder to listen to. But what you just voiced there, that was like an orchestra. Your Light Language is beautiful to listen to.

Debra: Thank you. Yeah. It feels so good when it's coming out, and I don't really have to do much. Sometimes it just comes. I don't have to close my eyes. It just comes out.

Aingeal Rose: It sounds very wise. It's like an old home. It's like a feeling of an ancient home. An ancient home, an ancient home.

Debra: Yeah, it feels that way to me, too.

Aingeal Rose: Galactic family, perhaps.

Debra: Galactic family. Yeah. For a long time, I didn't feel connected to any race, any star race in particular. Well, over time and more recently, it's been more Palladian. I just feel more Palladian. I've been watching a channel called Cosmic Agency on YouTube. She says this is not channeling. They actually are communicating with them online and live, also, and there's a ship that's a Tigetan ship above the Earth, and they communicate with her, and a couple of them have lived on Earth, and so it's very interesting. They answer a lot of questions.

Aingeal Rose: Do they say anything about the Earth right now, Debra?

Debra: No, they don't really. I just remember Penny Kelly talking about it just recently. I know you guys are going to have her on your show again. Her last few videos have been really interesting, what she's been saying. The Earth is moving into the fifth dimensional energies now. One reason why she was in the hospital is because she was getting an upgrade.

Ahonu: Did it have to cost $80,000?

Debra: In the 3D world, yes. It was really what you're saying, a lot of people won't make it because the energies are so strong. And I know why I've been really tired lately.

Ahonu: Yes, we're the same. So, Debra, tell us, by way of pulling this all together, clearly you're tapped into wisdom, there's no question about that. What advice would you give to people who may be listening to your Light Language that may feel on the fringes, that they don't know enough spiritually, or they don't have a spiritual circle to comfort them? They might be in the 3D world and they don't understand what's happening to them. Why are they feeling that way? Why are they tired? Why are they upset? What's going on? What advice would you give to them?

Debra: I tell them, don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. There's nothing to be afraid of. It's your natural progression of things in your life. So many of us are going through that. So many people have been doing it for a long time, but so many people now are awakening up to their spiritual outcomes, who they are. And for a long time, it's hard to understand what that means. Who am I? You start getting it slowly, and I'm still working on that.

Ahonu: That's a beautiful piece of advice, though, because that's important right now. That whole idea of fear, Debra, you're talking about, don't be afraid, where, in the world of negativity, let's call it, that's their modus operandi. It is to keep us in fear on every front.

Aingeal Rose loves to find out and read about and listen to people who've had near death experiences (NDEs) and their message seems to be the same - don't be afraid, because it's the most loving experience possible. It's wonderful. So I'm encouraged by your advice there to not be afraid.

Debra: My friend in Portland, he's very spiritual, but he's so afraid. He's in that dense city, he lives downtown even. I have to console him a lot. It's okay. You're going to be okay. He said, Why am I here? He tried to leave. He tried to go to Ohio and it kept shutting him down. Every time he tried to find a place, it didn't happen. I said, he knew it was his guides. You can't go there. Yeah, he's needed. He said, Why do I have to stay here? I think because you're supposed to be the light there because it's so dark.

He's needed there, but his response was so 3D. He said, But I only say hi to a few people. No, it's not what it's about. It's about you just being there and all that light. He's in a building. It's like, Oh, most like a group home. People are always yelling and screaming. There's a house that ambulance comes for people and it's so much noise. I've been trying to help him get through that.

Ahonu: Well, clearly you are. I think that your experience and your wisdom and your Light Language will help a lot more people too. I would encourage you to write them down and seek out being published because I think it's important for that message to go out to a wider audience. Even if it is just to dispel those fears that people have, that it's okay to have these experiences, it's okay to feel the way you do. And it's okay to have those memories.

Debra: I have thought of that because I'm like, Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? And maybe that's just it.

Ahonu: Unfortunately, we don't have any more time for this particular session, but we're grateful to you, Debra, for sharing what you've done. I think it's very courageous also for you to share that light language with us because it's such a treat. We know Aingeal Rose felt it was ancient communication and it was very reassuring. Your message about don't be afraid is going to go out to others and hopefully it will benefit them.

Also, we hope that you do manifest your desires, and that your manifesting comes to fruition. We support you with that. Thank you for sharing your Dark Night of the Soul, your light language and those experiences of your UFO encounters and the experiences you had when you were 16 and when you were so young, and for not crushing them and squashing them and for continuing to allow them to be.

So there you are. You heard light language direct from Debra Bruce herself. If you'd like to get in touch with her, please contact us either through our YouTube channel, through the World of Empowerment, or from our websites at or and we will put you in direct contact with Debra.

You would have heard us asking Debra about journaling and taking notes and writing down her experiences. It's something that we advise many, many people, and indeed, it has led to us publishing books for people over time. We suggest the same thing to you. If you have experiences in your life that you believe would help others, do write them down, journal about them.

Aingeal Rose has a wonderful course on how to journal, so as to extract all those nuggets of information that are revealed through journaling. You’ll get it in her latest book, The Book Of Manifesting on Amazon at That information may well change somebody's life, may well save somebody's life, who knows? So, if you need help with that, let us know. We'd be delighted to guide you.

So that's it for now. Until next time, blessings from myself, Ahonu, and from Aingeal Rose.

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