How to get a Top 200 podcast
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How to get a Top 200 podcast
February 21, 2021
In this episode we talk about how you can get your podcast to rank in the top 200 for iTunes.
Alright today, I'm gonna cover my method on how you can get your podcast to rank in the top 204 iTunes. The very first thing that you need to do is you need to start a charting campaign and charting campaigns aren't just for podcasts. You can do a charting campaign or you actually have people doing charting campaigns for anything that really has a chart. It could be a music chart. It could be a book chart. It could even be a chart of the top business schools in U. S. News. 

So the very first thing that you need to know to be able to chart and toe create your charting campaign is to know what criteria each of these charts are using to actually rank the players in the chart for iTunes specifically, what they look at for podcast is the number of downloads, the number of subscribers, the number of ratings and the number of reviews. And they look for an increase in these numbers to figure out what's trending and what's not. But they look for a high influx of these numbers within a certain time period, and a lot of people are thinking that this time period is around eight hours. 

So if you could get the most amount of downloads, subscribes reviews, and ratings on your podcast on iTunes within an eight-hour period, you have a chance to hit the top 200 charts for different categories. Eso for growth tax secrets. For example, we hit number 62 in entrepreneurship in iTunes, US. So that's also important to know is each different region for iTunes does have its different chart. 

So if you want to rank for a certain region, then all your subscribes downloads, ratings, and reviews has to come from that region. So because most of my network is based in the U. S, we were able to hit Top 62 in entrepreneurship for iTunes U. S. And the way that we did that is I reached out to pretty much everyone. I knew all my social media and my friend's network, and I prep them to. Let them know that Hey, I'm releasing a podcast soon, and I would really appreciate it if you can leave me a review. But not on Lee did. I asked them. I also made it really easy for them to give them reviews. 

So I actually pre-wrote a lot of the reviews that they can use these templates and then they could actually just go out there and make those reviews. So that's what we did for growth hacks, secrets. And for the 6% entrepreneur, I didn't go as hard. Instead, I kind of did a soft launch, and I announced it on different social media channels. I didn't really ask for anyone specifically to give me a rating, review or download or anything. And just from the soft one, I didn't even announce the 6% entrepreneur to my email list. So it's only to my Facebook group and to my personal page on Facebook. And from that we only had nine ratings and reviews, and I think the highest we reached for iTunes U. S. Was number 200 I believe that was in business or entrepreneurship. I can't remember and we also hit like top 10 for Singapore entrepreneurship in some other charts. 

But really, I'm just focused on the U. S. So I'm just looking at that, and what you want to do is you want to try to rank because If you do rank people that are looking at the podcast list at the time that you might have an opportunity to actually see your podcast, this might have been really important before. I don't think it's as important now just because not many people are actually browsing through charts to figure out which podcast they subscribe to. People used to do this when they got a shiny new iPhone or a shiny new podcast. And then you wanted to just fill your podcast or your iPhone up with content. But that's not the case anymore. 

Now we just have an overwhelming amount of content and usually what people do when they go to a podcast app like iTunes or Apple podcast. They will go into the app, and they will actually search exactly for what they're looking for instead of browsing through the charts. Or what they'll do is they will already know one podcast they wanna listen to, and they'll look for suggestions and they'll browser's suggestions. So I think the key toe actually getting more reach isn't really ranking on Apple podcast, so I don't think the rankings are important anymore. However, I do think it is important, making sure that you nail down your niche. 

So hopefully Apple can start recommending your podcast among other people that fall within your niche. And luckily, if you look up to 6% entrepreneur, you can see that podcast by Tim Ferriss rank as suggested podcast, which means that I am hitting my niche correctly and Apple is placing me correctly, and hopefully one day is we start increasing our numbers through other channels. Um, it will start suggesting my podcast to people that are listening to its in Paris podcast. So that's how you rank and get a top 200 podcast on iTunes. And when I say iTunes, I also mean apple podcast, and I will see you guys in the next episode. 

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