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#17: From Burning Out After Running A $100M Annual Revenue Business... To Unleashing YOUR Peak Performance & Making You 500% More Productive w/ Steve Adams
February 16, 2021
Steve grew his first entrepreneurial venture to ~750 employees with annual revenues of about $100M... But all of that “success” came at a cost. Steve’s stress levels were through the roof... his relationships were suffering... and eventually it led to a full-blown case of burnout. Today Steve helps people like YOU eliminate burnout, stress, and sleepless nights with his process called the Tiger Flow Method. In this episode, you will learn: 👉 How you can get into “flow” and increase your productivity by 500% 👉 How Steve went from growing up in a middle-class family with no understanding of sales and mindset to building a business that did $100M in annual revenue 👉 How you can optimize your physiology and psychology for peak performance.