The Reset Salon Podcast
The Reset Salon Podcast
November 6, 2020
Why “The Great Reset”? No thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, we're all finding our way through these complex and challenging times. For more than 6 months, we've hosted a series of curated, fascinating talks with some of the most interesting folks from around the globe, all of us finding our way, together, through this Great Reset. Your hosts are technology equity analyst, strategy advisor and musician Ed Maguire, digital sociologist Julie Albright, and technology and policy analyst Brian Hayashi. Thank you and we hope you'll give us a listen.
Why “The Great Reset”? 
What is a Salon?

For more than 30 weeks, we've hosted a weekly salon for guests to talk about interesting topics. We're now opening the doors of our private salon so we can share the most important insights and learnings with a larger audience. 

We hope you’ll join us each week as we bring you the best and the brightest from The Great Reset Salon.