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86. Meet LYALL BEATTIE. Learn what it takes to run an Elite JUNIOR Men's Race Team
June 21, 2021
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Lyall Beattie - Director Sportif of the Elite JUNIOR Men's race team. The money, the sponsors, recruiting, and Support.

Lyall Beattie

Former elite racer in the 90’s who had a bad injury that changed my life forever

The team was founded in 2007 by Czeslaw and Steve Bouvette. I joined them in 2007 in the club and then helped them with being a director sportif. Czeslaw and I and Steve Bouvette went to Cuba in 2009 and decided to take a group of young kids and take them to as far their potential and talent will take them to. 

Our team has its biggest graduate James Piccoli who currently rides in the World Tour for Israel Start up Nation. 

When we cadet we won the Overall at the Prestigious Cycliste Mardis Lachine series with Felix Cote Bouvette. 

As a junior team we were one of the most successful in Canada and North America. As a u 23 team we have had much success in 2015 Mathieu Jeannes was racing for second place at the GP Saguenay and got beat at the line and was on the podium! 

Our biggest year was in 2019 when everything clicked and we were "In it to win it". 

The GP Saguenay was awesome as were fighting for the KOM jersey. 

In the end we only lost by two Points. The next week at the tour de beauce was magical. Being able to contest for the win is insane!!! We ended up fifth team overall and 8th in the twelfth. After that we won the with Czeslaw 

The overall in Cyclocross series namely the Serie de Cyclocross Magila Rosa. Here is picture from the White Rock Criterium Race part of BC Superweek and the Tour de Beauce 2019 Our links are: 


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