Getting ready for the perfect launch
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Getting ready for the perfect launch
July 10, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the 'right' mindset to launch your venture.
So how do you know you have everything in place for the perfect launch? You might be worried that you are getting ready to launch, but you don't have the right mechanisms in place, right? You don't have your email sequences, you don't have the right brand colors or the logo, or you're not happy with the aesthetics of your website or the copy of your website and there's all these different things that you're not happy about. So you're hesitating in launching. Is that the right move? 

So the reason that I bring this up is because I have started to get numerous amount of startups coming in through my accelerator program and I'm seeing a lot of false beliefs. There are people that are learning so much information that they feel that they have been going in the wrong direction for their business and now they're confused. They're wondering if they should keep doing what they're doing or if they should stop and wait to go through the entire program. So they're doing it correctly. Well, here's the thing, there's never a thing as doing it perfectly. 

So if you want to do it correctly, the best correct way to launch is to launch imperfectly because you will not be able to master every single aspect of your business. Building a venture isn't an all or nothing thing. It's not something where everything has to be perfect for you to be able to launch something. It's an iterative process when you start bringing people into your brand and start building this community, they want to grow with you. If you just come out of nowhere with all this polish and no one's ever heard of you, they're not going to trust you. So to build this trust, you have to be vulnerable. You have to let your brand be vulnerable. And if you make some mistakes, if you piss some people off, that's okay because you are collecting real data, that's going to help you build a better brand experience for the next person. 

So if you're learning something new, let's say you're, you picked up a book or you're hesitating and launching because you're getting this great information and you don't want to make any of the wrong moves do not hesitate to keep doing what you're doing because whatever you're doing will keep helping you. So whatever you're learning is essentially going to be fuel for your fire. Because as soon as you stop doing what you're doing, you are going to stop gathering this market data. You're not going to know what works for you, what doesn't work for you, What feels good, what doesn't feel good. And you have to be participating in the market to get this information. 

So even if you feel like you're going in the wrong direction, but you're still moving and you're still doing things, you're gonna pick up enough information. So when you do get back on track, you are going to be able to run much faster on this new track and go at it much harder. 

So the takeaway from this podcast is don't hesitate to launch. Building adventure is not an all-or-nothing process. It's an iterative process. People will not trust you. If you just come out of nowhere looking really shiny and polished, people want to see that you've grown, people want to see this consistency. People love a great underdog story. So if you're approaching it with this mentality where it's you against the world and you are going to win, then don't wait to be perfect launch and perfectly, and some magical things will start happening. There's my dog barking, which means I have to go, this is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam, I'm out.

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