Ethical Sales with the Raber twins
SALES MADE FAST & EASY (PART 4) by the Raber twins
July 5, 2021
SALES MADE FAST & EASY (PART 4) by the Raber twins
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[00:00:07] spk_0: during crisis and economic depression, small business owners often struggle with making sales and keeping the loyalty of their people because if you ain't selling is hard to pay the bills on the ethical sales podcast, you will learn new ways to selling ethically and communicating with your people to create more loyalty and getting out of the rut of stress and frustration. And there is plenty of sales, There should be plenty of profits to keep things flowing smoothly. And everybody be happy, happy, happy.

[00:00:35] spk_1: We started this intro very softly and gently.

[00:00:40] spk_0: Oh yeah, we have to, everybody has to tone down a little bit because we're gonna talk like pearls. Hey, do you have any more tea around here? Now, let me get this candle. Getting this candle. I like how that smells. We forgot to turn on. Small music. You smell that, you know the high s hang on and

[00:01:01] spk_1: the disc profile is the high s pearls.

[00:01:04] spk_0: Can you pass me one of those granola bars? Sure,

[00:01:07] spk_1: just a minute, The pearls are very steady,

[00:01:09] spk_0: stable

[00:01:12] spk_1: and sympathetic.

[00:01:13] spk_0: If you're going to try to sell a pearl, more than likely he's going to be working at a church where she right. But there are people people, they are people people and they deserve visiting. What I got us a spa. Music sounds like my truck isn't that nice. So pearls loves serving other people. Probably naturally the kindest people on the planet if they shake your hand, um they might be if a guy or a woman shakes your hand and she or he takes your hand and both of her or his hands, it's probably a pearl. Sometimes gonna pearl guy shakes your hand. You just want to say, man shake it like a man. Pearls are serving, motivated by serving other people. And all the people always are the people that are working at the church where the people down at the food bank to the people that their ticker to his ticking when they are serving other people around them. Which

[00:02:11] spk_1: can create a problem as well because they're always busy. I never have time for

[00:02:16] spk_0: themselves. And they don't say no, he's gonna say they don't know. There were no means they don't say no. My father was like yes and everything. I keep telling him. I said, man you got to say no. I actually told him on the fishing trip recently, he's been on the mission board at their church for like probably 15 years. Ever since I've known him. Everybody else says no to taking his place. Yeah. And I said I told him, I said listen, I said in october I think his terms up, I said, if you don't say no, I will call your mission board myself. And I'm gonna say no because I have enough ruby and our family says like dad, you have to get off the mission board if you're a rural and you can learn to say this, no, no, no, it will change your life. Just practice that if you're listening right now, you know, it's pretty and look at the alphabets and no, no will change your life. Hey, can you do this for me? I would love to do this for you. But no, no, I would love to. But no, I have four Children. My I'm married to a pearl, ironically, almost always in marriages, you're married to an opposite because the opposites attract when my wife and I met, she's you know, I'm being myself and I'm just a people person and she's like, man, this guy has never met a stranger and he's just like talking to people and people, you know, he's just like this people person and she's kind of admiring that. And I'm sitting there watching her and she's an Emerald Pearl and I'm watching her and she's and she's just so perfect and so neat. He's got everything in order. You know, and I'm like, attracted to that. And then, you know, long story short, we dated and got married and you know, after we're married, she's going, hey, uh, we don't have to be the last one is leaving church because I'm talking to people, you know, I'm like, I forgot my bible in church. And she's like, let me go back in because she knows I'm going to find somebody to talk with. I'm like, yeah, but I like people. And she's like, yeah, but I just want to get away from people right now because that's Emerald and Pearl. I mean, pearls love people as well that people go home and lie to can Yeah. Let's just go home and relax. But almost always opposites marry each other. And the very things that attracted you to each other will tend to almost drive you apart when you're married. And so understanding some of these things in your marriage will dramatically help your marriage and help you compromise or or understand or whatever. You're not going to go change the personality of the person that you're married to. But helping under understanding it helps you do the things that are important for that person. Very kind people. They're serving people to the point to where they neglect themselves. Like you said, serving people to the point that they allow people to take advantage of them. But if you take advantage of them too long and then they will turn into they can be very stubborn. Yeah. Once you lose the trust of a pearl, they're probably the hardest to gain the trust back of all the personalities because

[00:05:03] spk_1: that's how they measure people.

[00:05:05] spk_0: The Pearl

[00:05:05] spk_1: personality would measure people by their loyalty and their desire to keep things the same. They don't like change, but they're huge on loyalty. So how would you present or sell or do business with the Pearl?

[00:05:18] spk_0: Maybe if your business gives back, let's say you give every roof. I know one of our refers. They give a couple percent back. Every every job they sell goes towards an organization and the customer could pick the organization. That would be a great way when you're serving a Pearl. Hey, a company like that. This is slightly owned by a parole. If we get this project, this is how you're helping you want to show them how that they're helping their all about your products. Environmentally friendly. We do a lot of restorations and it makes a lot of sense to pearl to not tear that roof off and fill a landfill there. Also the tree huggers of the world. We're not tearing this off. We're helping the, you know, this is a friendly product or whatever. If you're so earlier on one of the podcast, we talked about if you're a new guy, just being vulnerable and being honest and giving them a given the building owner, whoever you're working with, appreciation for trusting you and allowing you to potentially do their project. That's going to mean the most to a parole. When you tell a pearl, look at you don't know the difference it makes for us and our company. Your new we're not a super successful company. We're just starting up. But this opportunity, we're so excited. it makes such a difference for us. Here's some pictures of my family. If if you wanna if you wanna girls love you want to talk their family about you. The pearls are the best people to talk about. You show them some pictures of your family, your kids, your wife, whoever and just let them know, ask them about their family. These projects. Put food on the table for my kids and you make a difference and we appreciate that. You know, most of these other personalities. Yeah. You talk about family and stuff. That's great. But mostly talk about them and their families with a pearl. You can talk about you a little bit more and get away with it if that makes sense because they care more about you than the other people do.

[00:07:03] spk_1: So in wrapping this up. Talking about personality styles, personality types.

[00:07:09] spk_0: Why is

[00:07:10] spk_1: that important?

[00:07:11] spk_0: First of all, just listening to this podcast, it'll open your eyes to it. We're talking through some gems. So when we're referring to emerald, ruby, sapphire and pearl, it's from the gems program. If you want to learn more, you can actually get on a website called Danny johnson dot com and order some books and you can work through personality training programs with her. That's actually who we did it with. And so that's why we're using her name's, I mean there's a lot of personality types on, you've got, you've got certified to be able to actually do so before I understood this, I just thought that if I, I would tell my customer how much better our product is than the competitor and how much, you know how good our product is and how long they've been around and I would do all the demos and I would talk a little faster, are standing there yelling, right? And we got a lot of jobs like that, but we probably didn't close more than 30% of the jobs we looked at and we were making better money our first couple years than we ever had made in our lives. But I was very frustrated at that 70% that we were dead hitting because you're putting fuel in your truck and you're going out there and you're looking at roofs. And I thought there's got to be a better way than losing 70%. I'm just not satisfied with that. We went through six or seven days of training with her. Remember after the first day I told my wife because I think it's super important that your spouse is going along with these trainings and help understand these things. I told her, I said, I thought this was about sales, but it's all about relationships, it's about understanding people. And they said, if your marriage is struggling, then you're probably gonna struggle in sales because you're not doing things correctly there. How do you think you're going to go out in the real world and deal with people? You need to first take care of your family? And I'm like, yeah, that's great. You know, that's good advice after we understood the personality type thing and maybe your personalities that you're dealing with. And we went out that year and literally that year, we closed over 80% of the jobs we looked at. It was, I mean, we jumped our business about four times that year. We went from a couple $100,000 in sales to almost a million dollars in sales that year. It was the first year we made real money. And really the only thing we changed was what we're talking with you guys about. Its understanding personality types, it's recognizing those personality types and something nonverbal happens in our brains when we do this, that the other person's brain is saying I like this guy, he's kind of like me. You know when you when dealing with a pearl you're just gonna slow everything down, you're gonna talk softer, you're not gonna shake her hand or his hand hard, you're just gonna slow things down. Get in her world or his world. When you're dealing with a sapphire, you're just gonna be a little bit more bubbly, you're gonna have more energy, you're gonna up your auntie, you're gonna up your voice, you're gonna show him pictures and you're gonna be like this is what we're gonna take care of. Dude. You signed a contract here, you're never going to have to worry about your roof again. He's like sign me up, you're gonna have more fun for your hobbies. You don't have to worry about this anymore. It's just understanding those different personality types and then mirroring them and honestly it will not only change your world, but it'll change the world of the people around you, including your spouse and your Children and your Children also have personalities at a very young age. And I think

[00:10:15] spk_1: in the future we're going to talk about this some more in the importance of honoring other people maybe in your business. And I think that's really what it boils down to when you're making a sale, you're serving someone else and when you understand their personality style, you can honor them, you can serve them. It's a great way and it'll make you more money.

[00:10:36] spk_0: It ain't about you, it's about them. Thank you for listening to this week's podcast, appreciate you guys tuning in.

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