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Michael Fritz Fritzius talks Pod360
March 11, 2024
Join host Phil Better on a riveting journey into the entrepreneurial spirit in the latest episode of "Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast." Titled "Michael Fritz Fritzius talks Pod360," this episode features the inspiring technopreneur Michael Fritz Fritzius, as he shares the compelling story of his evolution from IT student to podcasting pioneer and software developer. Discover how Michael is revolutionizing the podcasting industry with his latest innovation, Podcastify Me, and get an insider look at his inventive podcast trading cards that are changing the game for podcasters worldwide. Michael and Phil delve into the challenges and triumphs of converting live events to virtual experiences and explore the power of podcasting in creating deep, meaningful connections in the age of COVID. Learn more about "Pod 360," an upcoming workshop designed to empower podcast hosts with Michael's decade of expertise. Amidst spontaneous technical glitches, the conversation remains enlightening, as they discuss the city of St. Louis' hidden gems and the practicalities of event accommodations. This episode is more than just a discussion; it's an invitation to a "bromance" as Phil and Michael bond over shared passions and the mutual commitment to helping fellow entrepreneurs. Whether you're a podcasting novice or a seasoned host, this episode promises to leave you with valuable insights and the motivation to streamline your process, leverage automation, and turn your digital endeavours into success stories. Prepare to be enthralled, learn from industry leaders, and remember to check the notes for additional details on how to partake in Michael Fritz Fritzius's Pod 360 event. Tune in now for this treasure trove of entrepreneurial wisdom—because when you Invest In Yourself, the possibilities are limitless.
In this transformative episode of "Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast," Phil Better is joined by the innovative thinker and multi-entrepreneur, Michael Fritz Fritzius.

Listen in as Fritzius takes us through his remarkable journey from IT to entrepreneurship and the creation of his unique podcast trading cards that are redefining podcast networking.

How did Michael Fritz Fritzius transition from a career in IT to co-founding multiple businesses, including the groundbreaking platform, Podcastify Me? What can attendees expect from the much-anticipated Pod 360 event, and how does Fritzius plan on changing the lives of podcasters through this innovative workshop? Tune in, as we uncover the answers to these compelling questions and dive deeper into the world of digital entrepreneurship.

Prepare to be inspired by the moment when Michael shares his philosophy on the importance of building relationships through podcasting, a sentiment that truly highlights the core of what "Invest in Yourself" is about. Until next time, keep investing in yourself, and don't forget to check the notes for more details on the exciting Pod 360 event.

**Guest: Michael Fritzius**
From IT specialist to passionate entrepreneur, Michael Fritz Fritzius has charted an unexpected yet fulfilling voyage in the world of business. Never aspiring to be a business owner in his early days, Michael began his professional life immersed in the world of information technology. His roles as a software developer, tester, and enthusiast for automation formed the bedrock of his technical expertise.

However, it wasn't long before Michael felt the itch of wanderlust — a yearning for freedom that couldn't be satisfied within the confines of a corporate setting. This desire led him down the path of contracting and consulting, granting him the autonomy he craved and setting the stage for his entrepreneurial awakening.

In 2015, heeding the call for independence, Michael launched Arch DevOps, his very own venture that symbolized his transition from employee to founder. The company stood as a testament to his belief in the transformative power of flexibility and self-direction in the professional sphere.

Yet, business journeys are seldom straight paths. By 2021, Michael made the tough decision to close the doors of Arch DevOps. The enterprise he had built, which once represented liberation, had become an albatross — a burden rather than a beacon.

In this twist of fate, Michael Fritz Fritzius exemplifies the dynamism of a true entrepreneur—unafraid to step into the unknown, willing to embrace change, and ever-ready to start anew, bound only by the limits of his own passion and the exciting unpredictability of the entrepreneurial journey ahead.
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