165-How to Create Healthy Boundaries and "Sparkle" – with Andrea Lukac
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165-How to Create Healthy Boundaries and "Sparkle" – with Andrea Lukac
July 23, 2022
In this episode we talk about how to create healthy boundaries: How to learn to say "No" without feeling guilty? How to Stop being a People-Pleaser and perfectionist. Tools and Best Practices to learn to be more assertive How being bullied as a child helped her to create boundaries later.

How to Create Healthy Boundaries and "Sparkle" – with Andrea Lukac 

In this episode 167 of the "Sparkles 4 Mental" Show - Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND and Andrea Lukac discuss how to create healthy boundaries

About Andrea Lukac
Born in Vienna and Living in Austria, Andrea Lukac grew up being bullied in school because of her (beautiful) red hair. 
She reacted by withdrawing from others and striving to do everything perfect to please others.

She studied economics and worked in In-and Export businesses and in marketing, married and had children.
But soon, trying to please everyone (but her own self) led to perpetual overwhelm and burn-out. 

The severe and intolerable emotional pain prompted her to make the decision for change.
She researched psychological counseling, NLP and devoured books and courses. She also journaled and started to observe herself more and slowly she noticed her thoughts change. 
She started to be more able to accept herself, find out not only what she didn’t want, but also what she did want and then go for it.

She compares boundaries with time, happiness, your energy and attention with boundaries with spending money. 

She herself started to set boundaries by improving communication.

1.       Communicating with herself (appreciate and celebrate past and present accomplishments)
2.      Prioritize self-care (you cannot share positive feelings if you have none to give)
3.      Become more productive by prioritizing her time and setting time boundaries

She found that by teaching her children to respect her (and themselves) and enforcing her boundaries more, starting with little steps, not only did she herself become happier, but also her family and those she came in contact with.

When she now works with clients, she helps them to clarify what they are missing, and what they want, then teach them tools and skills to better their life and then to practice these new skills until they become second nature.

Of the many books she read, she would take Tony Robbins: Unleash your power” to a deserted island…

To contact: Please email Andrea Lukac  @ andrealukac.coaching@gmail.com  if she can be of assistance or you’d like to book a coaching call with her.

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