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Differences Between Shipping Classic Software and Operating ML Models with a Lead MLOps Engineer at TMNL Simon Stiebellehner, and CEO Piotr Niedzwiedz
November 23, 2022
In this episode of MLOps Live, Sabine and Stephen are joined by Simon Stiebellehner, a Lead MLOps Engineer at TMNL (Transaction Monitoring Netherlands). Simon explains how DevOps engineers can transition to MLOps engineers, the approaches MLOps engineers use in creating an ML model, and how a vertical prototype is preferable to a horizontal prototype when test-running a model. Classical software differs from MLOps due mostly to the model's non-deterministic characteristics. There are significant differences between the design of ML models and that of traditional software; these differences stem mostly from the limits imposed by the time and resources required to test and refine a model prototype before it is put into production. As a result, MLOps engineers will need to put in a lot of effort to overcome these obstacles.
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