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#4: Secrets To A Happy 57+ Year Marriage, Water Skiing At Age 79, And Delivering 3,000+ Paid Speeches w/ Speaking LEGEND Joel Weldon
November 17, 2020
Joel Weldon is a Hall of Fame professional speaker, with 3,000+ paid talks and has personally coached and critiqued well 10,000+ speakers and the creator of the Ultimate Speaking System. Not only that, but he lives a BEAUTIFUL, happy, and healthy life... which is yet another reason why Joel is on the show today. In this episode, you’ll discover... - How Joel went from being mocked for being “the world’s worst speaker” to 3,000 paid speeches, coaching 10,000 people, and becoming a hall of fame speaking legend - The secret to having boundless energy and being healthy enough to water ski at age 79 - How Joel became friends with the legend Earl Nightingale... and the 3 words that will help you determine how much you’ll make for the rest of your life ... and much more. Enjoy!