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146. Injury Recovery TIPS: Coach Sylvie
November 5, 2021
In this episode, you will learn about: When you're injured from a sport, use these 3 Tips to keep you in the game during recovery.

Referenced Podcast Episode #77 with Jon Davis: How he maintained fitness levels while being off the bike for 4+mo due to an injury.

I'm sure everyone has found themselves in this situation at one time or another, which might have been sport-related, work, or one of those freak accidents? Whatever the case, it's how you dealt with the injury is what we're going to talk about today.
I can't relate, but I can relate but I know what I would do if it were me. It really comes down to mindset and what are you willing to do WHILE INJURED that will make your recovery faster or set you back months if not years.

For the purpose of this episode, we are talking about injuries that are not life-threatening, more localized to an area or muscle group K. ;o)

3 Recovery Tips
1. Exercising while injured: I have spoken to too many people who put them-selves out of the game because they either injured a shoulder, ankle, hip......Why?
When an injury is localized to the upper or lower body, why would you not focus on the areas that do not hinder your injury?
I always recommend changing the story of your injury and thinking about what can I do to help keep me active and in the game? As an example: If I were to acquire Plantar Fasciitis,  this has nothing to do with being about to work on CORE and Upper Body Strength, does it?
This is what I'm saying. Don't Stop exercising altogether. What can you do to get stronger while in Recovery?

2. NUTRITION: OMG, again so many people when injured give themselves this weird permission to eat crap and feel like shit. Yeah, my first BLOG and this is the type of language you get.
It's true, part of my business is helping people make better nutritional choices by introducing convenient and healthy ways to eat.
However, It's not the time to let go of good habits, just because you can't exercise as you used to.
In a lot of circumstances, yes if you were super active and your eating habits reflected the calorie intake needed, this would be the time to make some adjustments, cutting down on the calories to a more reasonable number based on your activity level, that being said you DO NOT want to compromise Losing Muscle Mass.
Social proof listen to Podcast Episode #77 with Jon Davis: How he maintained fitness levels while being off the bike for 4+mo due to an injury.
What if you were to clean up your eating habits, add more protein, and watch the changes?

I have my own experience, I wasn't couch-bound because of an injury, I was on bedrest for 3 pregnancies (2-4mo each). In this case, I wasn't ALLOWED to get off my back. In that time, I made sure I keep the carbs to a minimum, increased water and veggies, plus made sure my protein intake was enough. During all three of my pregnancies, i never gained more than the typical 30lbs and when my babies were born, I was able to lose the weight right away.
This situation leads right into Tip 3. I could have leaned the other direction, increased calorie consumption, gain 50lbs, and gotten depressed. That wasn't my story!

3. POSITIVE MindSet & Motivation
What kind of story are you telling yourself and sharing with people?
Do you have the victim mentality or do you see the bright side of things?
Which one are you?
I have always been of the belief that being
Positive thoughts will bring 1. Positive experiences 2. Positive People 3. Have more things go your way
Negative thoughts will bring 1. Negative experiences 2. Attract all the Negative people 3. Nothing will ever go your way.
So I encourage you to always look at the bright side and NEVER think about the dark side. As in 1 & 2, there is always a way to make things better, not worse. Don't you find that the negative mindset always takes so long to get out of?
This is why I always air on the positive even if I don't feel like it ;o) it always feels better in the end.
And if you can't do it on your own, find positive, uplifting, and motivated people or reach out to me ;o) I love seeing the bright side of things. But even I need the positivity of community.

If you're ever looking for a Tribe that's positive, fun and all about Health and Fitness, please join my FB Goal Crusher Tribe Page at

Yours in Health & Cycling

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