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#163: How You Can Build A Business In Alignment With YOUR Brilliance, Adventures In Competing In A 24-Hour Mountain Bike Race, & Building A Brand Because of Justin Bieber w/ Kelsey Reidl
November 28, 2023
What do 24-hour mountain bike races, Justin Bieber, and building a business in alignment with your strengths all have in common? Today’s guest, Kelsey Reidl… of course! I’m SUPER excited to introduce you to Kelsey… We’ve become good friends over the course of the past year… virtually at first… and then in person when she joined us in Park City, Utah at our Curiosity Quest event. Who is Kelsey Reidl? Kelsey is a top rated marketing coach (Named "Top 10 Marketing Coach" by Yahoo! + has spoken on stages at Google HQ in Toronto & for SalesForce), host of the top 2% globally ranked Visionary Life Podcast, and creator of the Visionary Method™. She’s consulted with 250+ small businesses to help them Launch, Go Full Time & Become Fully Booked… But beyond all of her marketing skills, she’s also an incredibly adventurous human who lives life to the fullest. In this episode, you’ll learn: - How to use the “Island A and Island B exercise” to help you create irresistible offers - How to build a business around your BRILLIANCE, only doing things that give you energy - What Kelsey learned about the power of constraints from dealing with a broken bike during a 24-hour mountain bike race… … and so much more! To learn more about Kelsey, visit