Feminine Pulse
Living Your Boundaries
March 19, 2024
Even when you are conscious about your boundaries, there are habitual boundary breakers that can throw you off your game. Boundaries tend to be put to the side, especially when someone plays into your core values of culture and relationships. In this episode, we offer a new perspective on these situations and show you how to embody intimacy as a leader and create a life of harmony and empowerment. You'll discover how to strengthen your boundaries and respond from a place of values, alignment, and power.
In this episode of the Feminine Pulse podcast, we delve into the empowering concept of setting and living our boundaries. - which are two different things (by the way) We offer our personal experiences and insights on the challenge of communicating boundaries and the opportunities that arise when someone breaks those boundaries. We give some guidance on how to gracefully and firmly establish boundaries in future interactions. We delved into the concept of harmony and how it plays a crucial role in establishing boundaries. You'll hear our personal experiences where we struggled to honor our own boundaries and the lessons we learned from those situations. We emphasized the importance of knowing ourselves, our values, and what we stand for in order to establish clear boundaries.

Setting and Living Boundaries Is An Active Ongoing Process
One key takeaway was the recognition that setting boundaries does not mean being passive or weak. As women, we can be fierce and express our anger in a healthy way that aligns with our feminine essence. We discussed how to be in our healthy, sacred feminine state where we feel connected to our intuition and step into speaking our truth (without harming anyone).

We also touched upon the common fear of rejection and judgment that often holds people back from asserting their boundaries. Leading by example and showing others how to respect our boundaries through our actions and words is living powerfully.

What To Do When Boundaries Are Crossed?
Recognizing when our boundaries are being crossed and taking a stand against it, is not only good for ourselves but we see that it's important for the greater good of society. Setting boundaries is about knowing our own value and firmly guarding that trampling over those values is not acceptable.

Living from a place of self-awareness and self-value makes us charismatic and naturally creates boundaries. We discussed how continually exploring our true selves and living from that place, makes boundary setting automatic and effortless.

How To Strengthen Boundaries
To strengthen our boundaries, we suggested visual tools such as drawing and using colors, shapes, and images to represent our values. Reflecting on our highest value and journaling about what harmony feels like in everyday life can help ground us and guide us in setting and living our boundaries.

We encourage you to explore your values, actively experience and reflect on situations, stay present in the moment, and take responsibility for your choices without being too harsh on yourself. 

All aspects of our identity, including personal, cultural, and training values, can come together in harmony as you know that your truth is valid and for the highest good.

To that end the art of open communication allows you to find gracious ways to address situations where boundaries are crossed. Boundaries are about recognizing our sense of self and respecting both our own boundaries and those of others.

Setting and living our boundaries is essential for our well-being and deepens our personal power. By understanding ourselves, our values, and the importance of harmony, we can live our boundaries in a feminine and graceful manner while staying true to ourselves.

In fact, living our boundaries and embodying our true selves makes us charismatic and naturally creates boundaries (without even having to say them). How can we cultivate that sense of self and make boundary-setting automatic and effortless?

We need to ask ourselves questions and explore the reasons behind our choices. Actively experiencing and reflecting on situations while staying present in the moment is key. And most importantly, we need to take responsibility for our own well-being while also being kind to ourselves.

It has been an insightful and empowering conversation. We encourage you to dive deep, explore your values, and embrace the power of setting boundaries. When we live in alignment with our true selves, we find strength and charisma while maintaining harmony.

Remember to gracefully embrace your feminine essence, honor your values, and love yourself while staying true to who you are.