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#72: Managing Curveballs and Business
May 3, 2023
Life throws things at us that we can’t control. As business owners, we need to figure out how things will happen in our businesses if we can’t be in them. In this episode, you’ll hear from Dora, Gemma and Mikala, who’ve had many curveballs thrown at them in the past year. They all had to pivot, plan and reshuffle without sacrificing their businesses. Learn what happened and how they pivoted and still managed to run their businesses.
As business owners, we all need plans if something happens that we can’t run our businesses due to a life issue.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to figure things out, be kind to yourself and discover that your clients are more understanding than you think. 

It’s possible to run a business and manage sickness, grief, divorce, loss of clients and circumstance changes. 

Tune in to learn how.