Beyond Curious ™ (formerly 7-Figure Millennials)
#138: How You Can Use The “Velvet Machete” & Create A World-Class Brand w/ Amber Hurdle
June 6, 2023
I 100% believe that one of the highest leveraged uses of your time is to focus on honing in your messaging and positioning. This is why, whenever I get the chance to talk to someone who focuses on this exact topic, I NERD out. In today’s episode, you’ll meet Amber Hurdle. Amber learned about branding from an unexpected place… After getting pregnant at age 16, she had to learn branding to reposition herself as a multi-award-winning, powerhouse businesswoman. So if you’re someone with a message to get out into the world and want to learn how to create a brand in alignment with your values and purpose… this episode is for you! To learn more about Amber, visit