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#125: How To Uncover YOUR “Hidden Advantage” To Make A Positive Impact In The Lives Of The People You Love w/ Patty Block
March 14, 2023
Do you know your “Hidden Advantage”? In other words: Do you know your unique “Superpower” that creates value in the world? I 100% believe that each of us has one… and I’ve personally been exploring this topic in depth over the past few years. I’ve read 5+ books on this topic, listened to countless podcast episodes, and spent hours journaling… That’s why, when I have the chance to talk to someone that’s written a book on this topic, I always lean in. Today’s guest, Patty Block, has a new book out called "Unlock Your Hidden Advantage" that sheds light on her process for uncovering your unique value. If you’re someone who’s serious about intentionally building a life around your strengths, this episode is for YOU! To learn more about Patty, visit