Travel Nursing & Allied Life
Cancel Culture? Travel Nurse Contracts
March 23, 2021
Nurse contract cancellations are on the rise now that pandemic hospitalizations are declining. As a result, many travel nurse contracts are being cancelled. Do travelers have any options to protect against cancellations? Find out in this episode.
Cyndi gives a great option that you can ask for when negotiating your next contracts. Knowing what to ask is crucial in understanding what you can ask for in your contracts. 

"Help your recruiter help you". It's important to keep your recruiter current on what is happening in your facility (ie flexing home a lot, getting shifts cancelled, you notice a lot of new staff getting on-boarded). 

Cyndi also talks about choosing a location in a large city which might allow you to pick up another assignment without having to find new housing. 

Cyndi & Tricia also talk about how high pay rates can lead to an increased chance of cancellations!

Don't know what questions to ask in your interview? This is also covered in this episode.

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