Art in Mayfair
Rhys Coren
July 14, 2022
Art in Mayfair, Bond Street’s summer showcase of art and fashion in partnership with the Royal Academy of Arts, has launched an exciting new podcast series. Hosted by art critic, Maeve Doyle, this podcast delves inside the minds of artists and what inspires them. Tune in to find out how London’s art and fashion scenes are thriving together. Visit to learn more.
Maeve says, "I met with Rhys Coren in the new Medici Courtyard on a Monday morning to talk about ‘Everyone I’ve Ever Known’ - a 30 ft mural that took over three years to complete. 

The conversation started with Plymouth, his birthplace, and his time at art school, the several attempts to get into the esteemed RA program and his eventual acceptance and what it is like to be part of an artistic community.
Looking at the mural with Coren was like listening to a memoir being read out aloud, the shapes holding endless hidden meanings and influences, ranging from Grace Jones to environmental issues, a dance to the music of time captured in 30 ft of terrazzo."

A fantastic conversation with Rhys, an episode not to be missed!

Visit to learn more.