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259. Saddle Sisters of High Park Toronto Women's Group | Sandra Fletcher
July 27, 2022
It was amazing to connect with Sandra Fletcher who started the Toronto women's group. As a founder of a women's cycling club, I love to connect with other inspiring women, and share and support initiatives in other parts of canada.
So I started saddle sisters back in the summer of 2020, back then it was called "Getting into Cycling".
The main goal was to get new ladies into cycling. Women that do not ride in a club because of the barriers that some clubs create such as registration fees and male egos. Lol
Gyaldem was riding but only in the evening and mostly just cruising rides. I wanted to get ladies out in the mornings and make a workout of it. Let's push ourselves. 
I am very fortunate that my husband is very knowledgeable in cycling and passes on a lot of his knowledge, tips and tricks to me. However, I know that not everyone is that fortunate to have someone teach them the fundamental basics of cycling culture (for free) . I put myself in a position where I could be that person for someone getting into cycling for the first time. So I decided to reach out on social media, word of mouth and pulled together some of the ladies I already road with (from morning glory cycling club)  also with the help of gyaldem a few ladies were also looking to get into cycling more seriously. 
We started with seven ladies. It quickly grew to 12 then to 20. Today we are over 200 ladies and maybe 100 active members cycling nearly every day. 
There is a ride planned nearly every day of the week. Some days we have multiple rides available. 
Different speeds, different ladies, but one common goal, to support and love eachother. 
We only have one rule.... Got to be nice. 

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