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250. FIERCE HAZEL - Amazing SUSTAINABLE Cycling Accessories | Frankie Holt
July 6, 2022
I noticed these amazing Cycling Accessories on IG and had to reach out to Frankie Holt, the designer of the Fierce Hazel label. If you thought creating a SUSTAINABLE Product was easy, think again. Frankie shares how she took her ideal and made it a reality.

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 Frankie is a Cyclist, Traveler & Artist. She ia an LA-based artist who made her career as an art director, working for such magazines as Men’s Fitness and Architectural Digest. An avid cyclist and traveller, I launched Fierce Hazel in 2019 because I needed a pouch to keep my stuff safe while I biked and couldn’t find one that felt like me. It’s no secret that I love thrifting and making things myself, and in my 20’s I found a pack of clothing tags that read Specially Fashioned by Hazel. I loved that name Hazel and an alter ego was born! I stitched those labels into everything I made. Now in my 50s, I’m feeling fiercer than ever and am taking that attitude with me as I embark on new projects.

She had no experience in gear design and manufacturing before beginning her adventure. Her travels and research took her to Vietnam, where I started working with a small factory that could expertly execute my designs. I am the first and only woman they have ever worked with! From my visit, I can say that they not only deliver a high-quality product but pay a living wage with reasonable working hours and a healthy work environment. It’s been a fascinating journey, for sure, but learning about manufacturing’s impact on the environment was alarming. The waste is astronomical! I am determined not to add more crap to the landfill. My solution is to make all of Fierce Hazel’s products with deadstock and scraps, and I’m proudest of the Evolution Convertible Backpack. It’s literally made with scraps from the factory floor; we use fabric leftover from other companies’ larger production runs—pieces that had been sent to the landfill 

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