OSHA Update Summer 2022
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
OSHA Update Summer 2022
August 24, 2022
It's time for the OSHA update for the summer of 2022. Sheldon goes over the latest on OSHA with compliance assisstance and enforcement. This summer has OSHA asking for comments on a new heat stress prevention standard. OSHA is also taking on suicide prevention and trenching fatalities in the summer. Also, the fatality tracker is back on the OSHA website. That means a return to Obama era thinking for OSHA.
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[00:00:16] spk_1: Welcome to the safety consultant podcast. I'm your house shelter Primus. This is the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant and we talk about OSHA and a few other things. I'm the man that's gonna help you look like a safety superstar superstar. That's me having fun. All right gang, thank you so much for being part of the show listening to me. Uh hopefully been getting some information that is helpful for you and your job and help for you for you as hopefully most of you are safety consultant. If not, I know you're making that plan and like I always say, stay with your job now, start your safety consulting business now and then transition when it just seems right, when it feels right for those of you that this is your first time listening to me? I thank you for coming along for this ride and if you can, there's three things that I would love for you to do. One would be to go ahead and subscribe to this channel. Uh that doesn't cost anything at all. You have to do is hit that little button on your device that you listen to me on that says that you want to listen to me regularly. You want to subscribe help really well. So um historically I've got more listeners than I do subscribers. A lot more listeners. So I'm trying to transfer. Catch transfer would that be, I don't know, trying to get you from being just a listener to an active subscriber. So go ahead and hit that for me. That'd be awesome. Second thing out of the three would be, uh, if you rate the show that will help all the search engines that's related to podcasts, helped kind of boost up a little on the rankings so that if chatter and chatter is by subscriptions and passing things along one person to the next, uh, that is going to also help promote the show. Little, I'm trying to get some more promotion out of this. Been doing it for a while. I feel like I got some, some help for you guys. So that is the plan. And then the very last thing would be, uh, if you can just go ahead and write a nice little comment that would be awesome comment and rate subscribe. Alright, there we go. Three things. So right now let's go ahead and talk about what we're going to talk about. We're gonna actually talk about today. OSHA compliance. I normally do once a quarter an OSHA compliance show because I am uh, cI or pseudo, I guess OSHA specialist. That's what my business does and that's what I've been doing for the last few years, especially teaching the certified occupational safety specialist course and the certified occupational Safety manager course and all the other stuff that I do and so that's uh, what world do today. Just really want to focus on what to expect from OSHA. Alright, so first and foremost I want you to click along with me do the computer thing. So if you're in your car, then you are listening to this the first time now and then the second time. Uh and that's when you're gonna hear your reminder to subscribe, do all the things. Uh but when you listen to the second time, then that's when you're gonna start clicking around on the website with me. Alright, So everyone who is sitting down safe place could take the information in, then you are now with me. Alright, ready, Let's do this. I get it. That's my ascent sound. All right, we got our minds going. That's our thinking cap. So, first, let's talk about OSHA. So you're gonna go to ocean like of so when you get there, OSHA dot Gov. Oh, you're gonna just hang with me on the home page generally. That's where their, you know whats most on their mind is there. But I'm gonna also show you some nuances here. So, first you're gonna see heat stress is a big thing and it really is, it's gonna be a standard. It's been in the regulatory agenda for a while. So he stress is going to be a big thing. Uh they have not released any preamble or anything like that yet. I've been looking and waiting for it. If someone's found it, please send it to me at Sheldon at Sheldon Primus dot com. So Sheldon at Sheldon primes dot com and for everybody who wants to get in touch with me on the show, you can do that as well. So that's the first thing uh I, when I get a hold of that preamble and then I'll really be able to see what, what to expect as far as the regulatory side. However, uh, California has a heat standard and doug parker. The head of OSHA is ex cal OSHA. So chances are, it's gonna duplicate in some ways the cal OSHA model. So, um, doing my due diligence, I'm gonna have to go through the cow model first before I, I could tell you guys anything, I just want to make sure that I got it, you know, I got down before I start sharing with with you guys. So that's my me doing due diligence, but that's where you're going to find the information that I believe will be mirrored for federal ocean. So, heat stress standard is coming. You want to go ahead and cal OSHA standard and see if you can glean some info for that for you and your clients. Alright. Second thing. So, another thing that I want you guys to think of on this homepage again on OSHA dot gov You're on the home page. Uh it's a lot of messaging happening on the bottom underneath the picture of the heat stress, the messaging that you're seeing with the, remember the lost workers, that's something else to used to do years and years ago back in the Obama administration and this little ticker is literally people who have passed an occupational injuries and it's just a reminder, a subtle reminder that OSHA has a deep, deep, deep purpose, right? So that is new and I want to draw your attention to that because it's new, but it's old. So some of us that remember the side, it's kind of like nostalgic if you will. So it's also telling me a tune of where OSHA is, this is you should consider the ocean that we're in now akin to what dr Michaels did. So you're gonna see a lot of regulatory enforcement and at the same time you're gonna see regulatory assistance. So that seems to me what we're looking at here and that's one of the things I just brought my attention. Alright. Uh, I am not in a sound studio um like always I am somewhere in America right now, I'm in michigan with my wife where empty nesters in the RV, so you're going to hear RV type noises in RV park tech noises. So that's part of listening to my show, You've got to figure out where's Waldo, where's Sheldon all right back to this page, you're also going to see flood cleaning resources, that clean up resources. But all the things are just initiatives that you'll see that OSHA will have on the home page. But there's two initiatives that are going to be very, very near and dear to OSHA. One is the trench collapse scenario. That is something that has been working on for the last few years and it's gotten worse. So in the US there has been more and more trench collapsing that leads to fatalities. So that is one of the things that you're going to end up seeing on that page. Just kind of keep an eye on that. There's going to be more regulation. So when you're, if you are in that field, what you want to do is you want to look for the nationals emphasis program, any pee on drinking collapsing and read that document because that's going to give you a lot of information on how to keep your, your folks protected. All right, Next thing when you go down, you're gonna see suicide prevention Resources has a picture of a firefighter. It looks like that is being comforted. But when you click on the link, it's going to take you to the construction industry. So different connotation altogether. Uh, OSHA is now really, really serious about making sure that people in the construction industry started trusting suicides. Uh, so this is a suicide prevention compliance assistance guide. So remember I told you that, oh, she's going to be doing both chewing gum and walking at the same time. This is the concerted effort for them to compliance assistant, they will still do compliance enforcement. But uh, it seems to me in just a year and a half there, about a year I guess since doug Parker came on board that OSHA is trying to do both right now. So they are have created a construction suicide prevention week which is september 5th through the ninth and it's 2022 if you're listening to this in, you know the future, it's gonna be september 5th to september 9th, 2022. Construction suicide prevention week. And you're thinking of this week as being uh stand down as also um an awareness week. So you're gonna see OSHA really put in some money and effort into this event, especially since the numbers have been showing that they need to. So in this case that is also on Ash's mind. So come fall you're going to have a stand down related to construction prevention of suicide and construction industry. I just want to see if my noise filter was doing anything. What did you guys think I should not be messing with you guys because it's, it's probably not what you're expecting. Yes, yes, yes, yes, thank you. Thank you everybody. So for my next thing, I really want to go through with the OSHA um just an awareness thing for you right now is the end of august as a time of this recording and we're getting into september so that's going to be the last month that OSHA is going to have their their fiscal year october is when you're well, late october early november is when you're gonna start seeing numbers related to how we did in the previous fiscal year. So I'm just kind of keep your eye out, I'll make sure I remind you guys that you're listening to this show weekly. Um I do it weekly, I generally traditionally try to release on monday but as I tell the audience uh those who have been around that, I am still an active safety consultant and sometimes things happen on monday and then also traveling with my wife as we're going from spot to spot in our RV. So sometimes monday is a travel day or Sundays, a travel day or something similar. So I do my best to get it in on monday but I'm gonna do my, my thing and honestly you guys will let me know if you need it on a special time of day but Mondays usually it alright, so thank you so much bringing it out with me. Hopefully this was able to help you get a good idea of some OSHA issues coming up and I think you're gonna have a wonderful week. So I am going to give you two things that I would like for you to check out Prime Minister training and that is where I am going to be hosting an OSHA compliance help seminar with my buddy and business partner Kevin Yarborough, Yarborough, Sex. OSHA and he used to work for OSHA for 26 years, retired as the assistant area director of Tampa and he is going to be helping me out on this virtual event and we're going to actually set aside one on one time and everything else to help people with compliance. So we are going to talk about how to survive and thrive. An OSHA audit. Talk about ocean record keeping, how to understand the CFR, S and D code compliance letters. Get you ready for just anything that you need to do for regulatory compliance and assistance. So it's going to be the OSHA compliance help seminar and you just go Primus dot training and I'll get you there so you can go ahead and see if you can make the event and it's going to be september 17th and we're going to do this one for a nice for our event. Actually, no, that one is going to be september 21st. So go to Primus dot training and then you get your information in. The other thing I want to let you know is I am doing a safety consultant, 101. This is going to be my second year doing this event. Had a great time with everyone last year and, and that is going to be a three hour workshop. And what I'm gonna do is we're gonna work with the people there and we're gonna truly go through why you want, what's your, why for your business? Let's select your name. And this is a workshop And I mean you are working. I'm going to talk a little and then we're doing stuff. We're going to find your client. We're going to do a proposal. And then after that we're gonna talk about partnerships and see us and event coordination and keeping you getting money and That's gonna be a one day event and that's going to be September 17 and we're going to do that one day. We're gonna do several, several hours on that. All right. And so several meetings and not to scare you off. But we're gonna do three. That's what I'm calling. Several. All right, gang. So check those things out and for the safety one oh one, just go to Primus webinar dot com. And you can find out some more information on that one. So Primus webinar dot com for the safety 101 event. Primus dot training for the OSHA compliance help event. All right. Have a wonderful rest of your week. Go get him

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