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A hotelier’s guide to unlocking the power of first-party data | a Revinate webinar
December 20, 2023
First-party data — ‌capture and launch. 🚀 As a hotelier, first-party data is at your fingertips. All you need to know is how to capture it and how to launch it with personalized campaigns to reach loyal guests and new‌ ones. Because it’s a big data world out there and the better you are at managing your data, the better you’ll be at targeting the right guests. Guests appreciate that personalization when they see it. 😉 In this episode #74 of the Hotel Moment podcast, we’re featuring a webinar from our sister series, Hotel Moment Deep Dive, titled “A hotelier’s guide to unlocking the power of first-party data.” Listen as Revinators Darya Subotka, Director of Customer Success, EMEA, and Dylan Cole, Managing Director, EMEA, help you champion a first-party data strategy to drive direct bookings for all your properties.
In this episode of Hotel Moment, we head over to Revinate’s Darya Subotka and Dylan Cole as they host a webinar on the power of first-party data.

Join them as they:

Darya Subotka is Revinate’s Director of Customer Success, EMEA. Dylan Cole is Revinate’s Managing Director, EMEA. Both are based in Amsterdam and have previous experience across North America, Asia, and Australia.

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