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#179: From Cashing In His Wife’s 401(k) To Stay Afloat → Changing How The World Networks… w/ Donnie Boivin
March 19, 2024
Donnie Boivin became an entrepreneur at age 40 after he got slapped in the face. Okay, not literally… But Donnie was having dinner with a business partner when his partner said, “Donnie, thank God you are my retirement plan…” Even though his partner meant it as a compliment, Donnie realized that he had spent his whole life building someone ELSE’S retirement plan. 15 days later, he started his company. Several months later, things weren’t going so hot. Eventually, he had to ask if his wife would be willing to cash in her 401(k) just to stay afloat… Not fun. But despite this crazy journey, today Donnie is the CEO of Success Champion Networking where he’s on a mission to change how the world networks. In this episode, you’ll learn: - Why Donnie, an ex-marine, stared at himself in the bathroom mirror and said “I love you” to himself, and why I actually decided to do the same - How you can transform your entrepreneurial journey into a powerful self-discovery tool - The “The Steve Jobs Task Evaluation Technique” Donnie used to step into his role as a CEO To learn more about Donnie, visit