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#170: How Playing The Long Game In Life & Business Helped To Sell $1 BILLION Worth Of Life Saving Products… w/ Brian Kurtz
January 16, 2024
Man oh man do I have another treat for you today… It’s my honor to introduce you to someone I’ve respected and followed for the last 5+ years: Brian Kurtz. Not only is Brian one of the most well respected and relationship-focused direct response marketers in the world… … but he’s also responsible for helping Boardroom Inc. sell over a billion dollars’ worth of products “$39 at a time” to millions. His book, Overdeliver, in my opinion, is a must read for anyone interested in making a massive impact in the world. In this episode, you will learn… - What transformational concept on creating impact you can learn from a five-time World Series Champion - Why Brian went to Barnes & Noble with a hand truck and bought enough books to make his 1985 Toyota Camry’s tailpipe almost drag on the ground… (and what that has to do with helping you create a bigger impact in the world) - The ONE metric that Brian believes was responsible for helping Boardroom Inc. generate $1 Billion in product sales… … and SO much more. Enjoy! To learn more about Brian, visit