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Connecting Life Lessons and Food with Karen Wheatley
December 29, 2023
Today's guest is Karen Wheatley. Born and raised on a dairy farm in northeastern Maryland, Karen was involved in all things 4-H growing up - from showing cattle at their fairs, to competing in quiz bowl contests and judging. After graduating from the University of Delaware with a degree in Animal Science, she spent the next decades working in the Ag Industry - in communications, magazine publications, and most recently in A.I. She and her husband Mike own Black Eyed Susan Cattle Company, which includes both registered Hereford and Simmental cattle, and a sheep business. They have two grown children who are also both actively employed (and loving!) the Ag Industry!
In this episode, Karen and Peggy take the conversation in all different directions from leaving home, exploring new places and opportunities, coming back home to your roots while connecting everyone with the universal need for food. 

A few takeaways from the conversation: 

And a few questions to ask yourself:

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