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201. TAYLOR LIDEEN & MENTAL HEALTH: Pro Gravel Racer Talks about his struggles
March 14, 2022
In this episode, we talk with Pro Gravel Racer Taylor Lideen about his struggles with Mental Health and how he's been able to recognize, manage and now share his story on mental health and how it started at such a young age. Staying active has played a huge role in staying healthy.

Cycling is more than just a sport to Taylor, it has been a healthy outlet in his life allowing him to experience the highest of highs, and supporting him through the low spots. Taylor Lideen is an endurance cyclist that finds joy in spending long hours in the saddle exploring his new neighbourhood of Northwest Arkansas. Those long days on the bike can sometimes span an entire day if it’s a race that is 24 hours long. There are many reasons he enjoys this style of riding, but the one he always goes back to is how he can connect with himself.
From a young age, Taylor struggled with anxiety and depression. It wasn’t until recently that he decided to face these issues head-on with professional help and support. He has realized that since he started talking openly about his struggles, others have reached out to share their experiences as well. Through this, he has learned more about himself and feels more passionate than ever to normalize the stigma around mental health - particularly within the cycling community. “People all over the world are dealing with personal issues and everyone's struggle is relevant and important. There is help out there and you don’t need to feel alone.” Taylor wants everyone to know that opening up and asking for help can be the most difficult task when you are in a dark place but he encourages everyone to take that first step. “I’m here if anyone wants to talk, even if it’s a simple message on social media”.
Through all of this Taylor always comes back to the bike. He finds that instead of running away or shutting out the dark places in his head, he can acknowledge them and keep moving. This has also helped him navigate his own personal journey in his day-to-day life. 
Taylor will continue his mission to shred the stigma of mental health, specifically within the cycling community, all the while competing at the highest level in endurance MTB and gravel races across the country with the Floyd’s of Leadville team along with Pivot Cycles. He will be participating in the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo solo along with Unbound XL, Life Time Grand Prix, BWR Series and the South East Gravel Series.

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