Creative Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast
Using LinkedIn Articles To Grow Business Online
November 12, 2020
Listen in as Kim Beasley shares a quick tip about using LinkedIn articles to grow your business online for the Creative Introverted Entrepreneur Podcast,
Hi everyone, I'm Kim Beasley and I want to share a quick LinkedIn tip with you. Did you know when you write an article on LinkedIn, that your article can be optimized so it can be found by search engines. Yep, this is a great way for introverts to be seen by your target buyers.

When you are searching for your targeted keywords. If you aren't creating articles on LinkedIn yet. Well, it's time to get started today. Once again, this has been a quick tip from Kim Beasley, and I'm the creator of LinkedIn marketing for introverts, which is one of my online courses for creative introvert entrepreneurs. You can find it at

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