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Henry Ledingham - Never Too Late To Start Your Journey in QLD Real Estate Market
August 19, 2020
We are joined by founder and development manager of +Ethos, Henry Ledingham. His company aims to help people with their residential land subdivision projects. He was previously in the commercial construction industry and has seamlessly transitioned into property development and built a successful portfolio. Join us as we delve into Ledingham’s strategy when it comes to his land subdivision deals, the common misconception that the public might have on how successful property investors must find the best deals, why he decided to go down the path of land subdivisions rather than other possible options, and much much more!
Henry Ledingham is the founder and development manager of +Ethos. His company helps their clients with residential property development in QLD real estate market. Ledingham had worked in the commercial construction industry for 10 years and is now using the skills he learned there in the property development space and helping build successful portfolios for his clients. 

Come with us as we learn about the property journey of Henry Ledingham, we delve into the unique situation that he and his wife found themselves in, we discuss his time working in the commercial construction industry, we learn about why it took him some time to start his property journey, we find out about his transition from commercial into property development, and much much more!