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This is What Getting Older is Like with Matt Buckner: PYP 361
January 21, 2020
Matt Buckner's low point came one day about 9 years ago, when he was 41. He was getting ready for an international business trip, and realized that one of his key medications, tramadol, was going to run out during the trip. The drug, which Matt took for the back pain caused by his morbid obesity, was one of five meds that he consumed every day. The others were for hypertension, high cholesterol, acid reflux, and depression. Matt also suffered from sleep apnea; his wife would force herself to stay awake at night so she could hear when he stopped breathing and wake him up. While waiting on line at the drug store, without an up-to-date prescription since he couldn't get in touch with his doctor on short notice on a Friday afternoon, Matt looked around and saw the other people in line. All of them old and sick. There's where he was headed. Matt took action.